Entire base lost stability?

Logged in to an official PVE-C server we play on sometimes and I was dead, looted, thrall’s dead I assume because they are nowhere to be found and our main base lost stability according to the event log, but our little outpost is fine. Event log says some lucky dude killed me and at the location where my base used to be is probably 30 chests on T1 foundations, I assume full of my former goodies. Anyone know what happened?!

I take it this happened before this morning’s server reset. If you haven’t yet, log in and review you events log after the server reset. If admin actions happen, they are originally load in as decay and after the reset, it will show admin actions taken.

My theory is that you were reported on and admin determined your base was out of compliance. The reporter gets an email when FC makes and decision so they probably logged in and collected the loot of your destroyed base and killed you in the process.

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Well that sux. I mean, our base wasn’t small by any means, but hell, there are at least 4 other bases on the server that are 3-4x the size of ours, one is literally a giant colosseum and a small city beside it. Oh well, chit happens I guess. Think I’ll be sticking to my private server from now on tho :wink:

Another less sinister possibility is…

If it has been more than a week since the last time you logged onto that server, in that base.
the decay timer could have ran out.

So could it have just decayed?

I am generally a “peaceful” PVP player, I don’t raid or attack unless provoked.
But even I would destroy and loot a base if it has reached a decayed state.


I thiught that at first too thinking I had miscounted my days, but I saw decary warnings in the event log saying it would Decay on 4/10.

It’s 'aight tho. We rarely actually played on that server anymore anyways. Pretty sure we had done everything there was to do and then some. The wife will be heartbroken tho. She was a hoarder lol

The thing that makes me think it was decayed is the chests.

An Admin action would have dusted the entire base at once, 30 chests is a lot for someone to grab all at once, even a clan.

A decayed base can be destroyed one piece at a time, giving ample opportunity for even one player to fill 30 chests.

A base will stay in a decayed state for I think another week before it will dust on approach.


Hmmm…didnt know that. I have no idea then unless the Decay timer messed up or something. We went in and refreshed everything every 5 days. I dunno. Nuthin’ I can do about it except move on. :notes:I will survive :notes: :yum:


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