Bases and chests lose stability

We had 13 chests dissappear due to stability, they had been there for 3 months prior to update. Today another clans base disappeared except for 2 small buildings. His base had been there for a month prior to update. He was on last night till midnight, logged in 9 hours later to see chests in the air suddenly drop loot and disappear. Thralls standing on imaginary walls. Log says it lost stability. This is an rp server, building damage was not on so it wasn’t raided.

Happened to me to. I was standing in base when mine decayed out. Sorry this happened to him.

My whole base disappeared. Checked log it said all my stations lost stability. Lost so much items I couldn’t see what it said in log about the building pieces. Only thing left at base was our thralls that were placed out and animal pens.

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It sucks I fell to my death in my base all my maprooms and wheel of pains and everything gone. All my hard work for the past 3 years is gone.

I thought their “hang out” was Discord?

I would suggest using the appropriate topic depending on your issue:

  1. Placeables/chest losing stability and/or decaying. This one is acknowledged and being worked on.
  1. Whole bases disappearing, I don’t think this is something that has been confirmed as a bug. It might help providing more details in this thread and submitting a ticket to ZenDesk if it happened on an official server as they can check the logs and your account:

Spamming does and will absolutely do nothing. As it should. There are plenty of topics on the subject, and Funcom has already acknowledged it. Spamming will just make you look like an entitled Karen, and do nothing else.


Well, what about fps issues with Siptah new locations grass that were reported in july 2021, they know about them, they said that it would be fixed and…it still doesnot.
All their PR do is posting news about game in twitter, about how their games good, but what about bugs? they dont tell.

And what do you expect the community team that runs their Twitter to do about bugs? Are they supposed to post on their Twitter, “our game sux!” Are they supposed to not have any fun? (Actually, that one is probably accurate, people in this community HATE when the dev team shows an ounce of a humor bone). The staff that runs the Twitter is the same people who review bug reports on the forum. So what, exactly, do you think you are going to accomplish by repeatedly spamming them the same thing on Twitter?

Spamming, whether it’s on Twitter, or on the forums, for any game, does NOTHING. It’s not going to make dev teams work faster, it’s not going to make them drop what they are doing to work on your specific issue, it’s not going to make them clock in during the holiday to work on your specific problem. It does nothing.

There was some dude on Twitter just recently who spammed the same message for EVERY post, for a good month. They were complaining about a handful of bugs. The same bugs that were fixed on Testlive, and were visibly shown to be fixed, including Console specific bugs. And people did try to explain to this person that the bugs they were complaining about were already fixed, it was just going through testing, and spamming them every day wasn’t going to change anything.

And what did the dude do? He kept on spamming anyways, in fact, others joined him. What was the result? NOTHING. The patch didn’t suddenly hurry up and finish testing. If the intent was to “pressure” the dev team to rush the patch, that failed miserably too. The patch eventually came out, but not because of some random dude on Twitter spamming. It came out, because that’s when it finished testing on Testlive, and finished going through Certification. Just like EVERY PATCH has done since 2018.

Report the issue appropriately, and wait. If you need to bring it up again after a reasonable time, then do so. But don’t be a typical online jerk and just spam some game developers Twitter. Or do, and any empathy for your situation is going to be quickly evaporated, and future concerns taken with a grain of salt.


…make sure you have 50 others doing it with you. :alien:

LOL, sorry, I just couldn’t resist that. :innocent:

You need to stop going on like its a simple check box that can be clicked that fixes the issue. Sometimes bugs take a long time to fix. Sometimes bugs are not as important as others and get their focus moved down.

People losing hundreds of hours of work from lost chests is going to be a focus before a little framerate drop on a potato. Why? Because the chest issue affects everyone. Whether you’re on Exiled Lands, Siptah, or custom maps. The issue you reported only affects those who have BOTH purchased Siptah and currently play on Siptah, and only those who venture into those affected areas. The chest issue affects everyone everywhere. See how that works?

Now apply that logic to a few other bugs. Now you see why the fix isn’t happening. If its been acknowledged, it will be fixed, but on a time table that makes sense. Not yours. Sorry but your time table sucks. It doesn’t make sense.

Game Broke, Fix it responses are dumb, period. Stop doing it.

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Well, from a player’s POV I think it’s reasonable to assume all that - if not just a tad pessimistic. :wink:

It is however just an assumption. So far with CE over the long term it hasn’t actually been the case though. Let’s hope it doesn’t become so either.

Its simple check box. Really. And dont pretend that is hard to roll back update if it messes up game for many ppl. It can be done. But its 3 weeks and no fixes, no excuses, nothing from dev team. Only same sentences “we will pass it to them”. Where? Some bugs reported year ago and still no results.

For example - game has terrible default antialiasing, blurry and grainy. I looked into UE4 settings and changed it to TAA with better image with no fps cost, just added 4 lines in .ini file. Was that hard? 30 mins of googling. Was that reported? 7+ month ago, i asked them here, in twitter, on reddit, on dev tracker.
Does they added it or even tried? NO.

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But you can say those things about every game company on the planet. Was it here or in another thread, that dev team priorities were explained in detail?

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Not about all, for example Project Zomboid team didnt release their multiplayer update until its fully tested and collected feedback, now its released and its online in steam jumped from 10k to 40k ppl.

Well if there are zero bugs it will be the first game in history (besides maybe pong) to be so. And if in a year from now they have fixed all the bugs that currently exist, that will be another first as well.

It has bugs. As all other games. Difference is what developers do with that. listening to the community and bugreports or drop ball on it and post funny things in twitter

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This wouldn’t mess up things for many, but ALL. You, me, everyone. You can see this yourself, take your single player game and download a certain version of the game (a google search will give you a howto) and then try to load new stuff into the older version.

A rollback of the game version requires using either backed up versions of the database from that version (the game only keeps about 40-50 backups every 5 minutes so its far past the time for officials on that as G-portal doesn’t keep those either), or new databases.

This means all officials will need to wipe. But this has already been explained before. So I’m going to assume that is what you are asking for. Good luck convincing people who play there they need to get rid of everything.

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For the last time, people who post on Twitter are NOT the people who fix bugs. EXTREMELY standard, like, that’s game dev 101 basic understanding. Something like 98% of game companies have a community team (who are vital to the overall game dev process), and people who work on the game itself.

And claiming that Funcom ignores the community and bug reports is so laughably false.

I don’t even know why I’m trying, you haven’t demonstrated an ounce of willing to understand anything and are demanding Funcom employees be fired and encouraging users to harass people. Example A of why game devs burn out in the industry.


People like Fenharell think the spouses and kids of devs as well as their pets should be brought in to fix bugs.

You know by his logic, he should punish himself for not fixing the bugs. I mean if Community peeps can fix bugs, why not the players too? There was thousands of people playing Conan Exiles yesterday, they should have been bug fixing instead of playing.

That’s how people like that think. Hurr durr game broke fix it.

I’ll make this statement, Fenharell’s problems are self inflicted. If he thinks everyone can fix bugs, then his problems are because he doesn’t even know how to use his own computer and probably flubbed the game install somehow.

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