Items losing stability/disappearing

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: River opposite Cannibals Rest/Scavengers berth

A clan member has been online in the base for several hours today. He goes into the weapon storage room to get some arrows to find three large chests missing. Checked the event log and it shows that the three chests lost stability a few hours before. The clan member had been online and inside the base at the time the chests supposedly lost stability. I had been online less than 24h previously and was logged off right next to the chests. These chests have been in this exact location inside a large T3 base for approximately two years so there is no reason for them to suddenly decay. We have lost a lot of valuable weapons and it is frustrating that items we have worked hard to get are just disappearing into thin air. This has happened a few times to us before with some placeables and building pieces in different locations, but this is the first time it has happened with chests containing valuable items. Please can this be sorted as I know it has been an issue for a while.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Leave base.
  2. Return to base.
  3. A few hours later notice items are suddenly missing/ lost stability.

We lost our BASE… our base it’s gone … 1 year in official server and today for a game bug all our base “lost stability “ and all our stuff it’s gone… I don’t know what to do in this moment :frowning: I will try to open a ticket but I know how it will end from funcom… “ it’s not our fault “ like always… 1 year of farming and a 7 people clan wiped by a game bug… we were online 10 minutes before all happened !

That’s really bad! We’d never play again if that happened to us. We wouldn’t want to start again after all that wasted time and effort. I’m just hoping it gets fixed before that happens.

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We lost a section of our base that had all of our tables in it

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