Do NOT add on to your Nemedian Bases!

We added on to our base tonight, thinking that the stability bug only occurred on patch day. Well, we were wrong. We lost an entire set of crafting stations and all the thralls that were on them along with the materials. Then, all the fighters and dancers we had went poof too. I’d say, we lost about 200 man-hours worth of play all told.

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Thanks for the warning, good to know. Hmmm, 200 man-hours in a 36 hour period, interesting. :thinking:

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36 hour period, clan of 10 = 360 potential game hours. 200 isnt out of the realm of possibilities.


We also built our base prior to the wipe and have been storing stuff in it for months. All of which is lost now

This would be why i decided to wait for an official response of resolution before any further work on my base. If they decide to rollback, I’ll lose everything. If they do something else, I could lose everything… who knows? It’s just safer to wait.

Anyway, that aside, did you try to change your foundations to ceilings or just place the stuff again? It would seem more practical to swap out the problematic pieces.


We added a terrace to the back and a new set of stairs new God’s Claw. We did place new foundations, which I think triggered a facing check or stability check with a lot of our old foundations and as a result, our benches and thralls vanished.

The worst thing is, the event log doesn’t show the individual items lost in the lootbags. It just shows the benches and chests losing stability :frowning:

Try putting down fence foundations and using ceiling tiles instead. On my siptah server I didn’t use anything but fence foundations and ceiling tiles for my builds—multiple outposts—and didn’t lose a single thing.

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