Remove old bases/houses

just an idea but maybe remove players bases/houses that havent been on for extended amount of time as theres not many places to build anyway, or have them set to be taken over by another player

If there logging in every week to restart decay timer… there kinda playing. =/

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This mechanic exists in game - the decay timer.

Structures will fall down once the timer runs out. You can’t take over another players build in any mode (PVP, PVE-C or PVE).


Imo decay should not immediately reset when you simply log in. But rather, refresh the remaining time at a very fast pace based on how long have you been online.

For instance, lets say that every 60 minutes that you are in game, it refreshes your decay by 20 or so hours.

This way you will have to play regularly to keep up. you start with 300 expendable hours of decay anyways. A person that plays 1h a day will lose only 4 hours every day of decay, and can easily refill that with a bit more playtime on a weekend.

This would make so players have to be online for longer in order to keep their buildings, so just logging in to refresh is not a viable thing. You are not playing the game…Why would you take space on servers? At least for officials.


it should not be, and yours is one of the few decent suggestions on how to tackle the issue

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I have suggested, as others have, the same idea for 2 years. Coding may be difficult. Maybe tie it to the purge meter instead (with tweaks to how fast it decreases when offline). The idea that one can just log in and refresh and not be engaged in day to day stuff on server is the real issue with the clutter on servers.


Agree 100%, though doing it in a way that isn’t taxing to the server would be key. Perhaps it could be tied into the mechanism that increments Purge Meter progress. i.e. At every purge meter update interval, it restores time to any of your clan’s buildings and followers that are within render distance.

At least then it would only need to refresh the decay networks once every 15 minutes instead of as frequently as it seems to now.


This is so F’ing simple to fix. I have mentioned it in other posts but it never seems to gain traction.

Base timers need to scale in both directions based on size. Up to maximum timer at say 1000 construction pieces, hold at maximum timer to 2500 and then reduce the timer to a minimum of say 24 hours at 10000 pieces. Now you can debate what the count should be at each step or what the timer should be but it helps reduce the crazy construction and at the same time lets some of that crap decay if its too small or too big more quickly. Having a slider for private servers would be necessary.

Decay does not work dependably on our server anyway so we have players puttng signs in front of the house with the last login date and wipe if its not updated within 8 days. Since the demise of battlemetrics basically the admins compare notes on whos playing and who is not

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Very horrible suggestion. Lots of us have been playing since release and have the right to refresh when needed and play when wanting to. You don’t determine what is the correct way to play. If spend the time refreshing, I have a right to my build when I don’t log on for a few days.

That solution can work, but it requires an active admin so it wouldn’t be an option for officials.

Its toss up, right now… not playing. Waiting on that ps4 patch…that seems to not be happening anytime soon… or maybe it did. I should log in.

But… abit busy working 60+ hours a week. So playing for 20mins isnt really on my plans.

Why I’m not on forums as much… just constant work finally, gotta make up for all close downs do to covid. Specially since its will likely end up in 2nd close down. -_-’

As long as the suggestion is to count building pieces, I’m against it. If you change it to the number of grounded elements (i.e. foundations and pillars that intersect the terrain), or to the claim surface area, or the surface area of the bounding box of the claim, then I would be fine with soft limits on building.

Uh, sorry, no. I’ve been playing since before the release, but I’m not under any misapprehension that I have any “rights” on the servers except those granted by Funcom.


I’m a dirty forum lurker now. All my stuff crumbled to dust back in early January.


i am on a server that we pay for so yeah we have the right to run it how we wish, we can indeed dictate how people are going to play, if they want to reap the benefits of a managed server. People have the right to go to a offical server and get griefed, trolled built on top of, tortured by " alpha clans " or they can come live in our little world and comply with our simple wishes

we have 3 active admins that spend most of thier time ingame checking signs and people that think the rules don’t apply to them

I’m sorry, what point are you trying to make? Glad you played before release. So did I. I don’t like the suggestion. Yeah, lets limit thralls and figure a way to limit builds without calling it that. That’s a bright idea.

The point I’m making is that talking about “having a right to refresh when needed and play when wanting to” is misguided at best and entitled at worst, but what it ain’t is an argument against this suggestion.

And that is your right :wink:

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