Make **Offline** Purge decay/buildup based on building size & land claims (Server Setting)

With the release of Sorcery I’ve started to play on official servers again with some of my mates. “Serial Refreshers” are still aplenty despite changes made to the Decay System a while back (namely that the refresh rate is based on minutes spent around your base, rather than a 1 second visit instantly refreshing it back to full).

Rather than mess around with the Decay System (which apparently is buggy at times, not that I’ve recently experienced it myself tho) I suggest making the purge another viable threat to huge bases.

Currently while we are offline the purge meter decays. This itself can be handy for solo players or those with less experience, giving them more time to prepare. I don’t want to change that. (It could maybe stand to decay slower, but thats not todays topic.)

Rather than always decaying, I’d like to see the purge meter build up or decay based on the size of a player/clans buildings & total land claim area. This way, Serial Refreshers with huge bases all over the map (like I’m currently experiencing) will have a real threat against their bases that they can’t run from. They’d either need to cede land or downsize to maintain their presence.

This change shouldn’t affect the unintended targets too much either. Active players are likely going to be on to defend against purges as they are now anyway, and because they’re active they can repair any damage done to the base of their defenders, avoiding a slow chip away.

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