Purge meter decay or other means to control purge occurance

As purges are a central feature of PVE, i’d love to have more control of the frequency. Though I do run a private server with low purge meter settings (at 10k), i never have a purge as the meter decays over night. If this is not a bug to be fixed in the future, maybe you could add a feature the allows reducing the decay?
Or alternatively just let purges randomly occur, independent of activity, within certain timeframes?
Looking forward to other suggestions as well, as long as I get raided by NPCs occasionally. :smiley:


I think that is a very good suggestion.

Especially with PVE, players deserve to be able to take time away from the game without their progress diminishing.

Empty purge meter after 24 hours is harsh.

I think introducing Convergence Traps on Exiled Lands would be a good idea.

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Have you shortened the update interval? That can speed up accumulation.

If you are playing on the Isles of Siptah, you can make a trap to cause a surge or block a surge from happening, using Lesser ???.

Thanks, I tried with shorter update intervals, but had the impression that the decay is then also faster… But I will play around with the update meter intervals a bit more…

I’m playing in the Exiled Lands for now, but used the Convergence Trap in Siptah before… It’s just not feeling the same to summon a purge voluntarily, instead of getting raided by hordes whether you like it or not :smiley:

You could be right that it also decays at that rate. Been awhile since ai fiddled with it.

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