Server Option to Disable Purge Meter Decay

While I personally think that Purge Meter decay should be a thing of the past, what I’m asking for is simply a server option so admins can opt to disable the loss of purge meter progress when their players are offline.

The reason I’m asking this of Funcom (rather than seeking a workshop mod), is because admins of console servers ought to have access to such a setting as well.

Simply put, Purges are one of the most enjoyable and anticipated PvE events in the game, yet they continue to remain exclusive to those who either don’t care about their power bill, or who can devote ridiculous hours to the game. That we should have to stay logged-in continuously in an era where environmental concerns are reaching a boiling point verges on negligence.



Yes, please!


I would like to use it on my server. Would be appreciated by everyone on server.


<‘tinfoil> it’s them Norwegians with their big oil, they want us to use Moar Powah!


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