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Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to this game and been enjoying it so far. I play on official server on ps4 and have built a tear 3 base near mounds of the dead. I recently got a yeti purge and it felt a little bit underwhelming for me. I play almost every day and it took me more than 3 weeks to get the purge. I wanted to ask what is the fastest way to fill up purge meter on official server?

Kill a creature, a human, and build a t1, t2, and t3 structural piece once every fifteen minutes. That is the fastest way, but not very fun.

The biggest problem is the meter decay, whenever you are offline, your meter goes down.

I will keep advocating that Funcom add a 24-hour delay to meter decay as it makes getting purges extremely annoying for solo players.


What Tephra said is absolutely correct. I just wanted to add a bit of advice: until Funcom decides to change the way the Purge meter works, the best way to deal with this is to have at least 1 more player in your clan.

Otherwise, you have to either do what Tephra said (which requires you to turn Conan Exiles into your second day job) or you have to put all your stuff in a chest by your bed and leave your character logged in overnight (which is incredibly wasteful).


Wasn’t specifically looking for this answer but am glad I found it. Solo player here and yea, I get a purge once every two weeks, give or take.

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Thank you for advice! I agree about purge meter decay, hope they would adjust that because I really enjoy purge and would like to experience it more often

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