Increase purge points for total area controlled

Playing on an official PvE-C server and in general have had a good time. We have had a couple of players turn up and they have built in the savanna area. They must have gotten bored as they have now spammed dozens if not over 100 foundations so much so that only the boss elephant spawns in the area. This was always a concern we had about playing PvE but it’s still a pain. My suggestion is to increase (or add) a coefficient that increases the purge for total area controlled so players like this with sandstone foundations everywhere would have a harder time hindering everyone else on the server.


Definitely agree. The Purge needs to be especially vicious towards those who have gigantic, established fortresses.


I don’t mind the fortresses too much especially if they look the part but on our sever they are just running around placing foundations in rows of 4 to deny the area to anyone else. As mentioned the entire area where the elephants roam is empty apart from the boss elephant who the players doing this can’t kill.

I agree the purge should be set to Ballance the size of base being attacked. I would make it set based on amount of foundations and walls used. So if you have a massive base built or massive amount of defense the purge hits you harder with more waves and larger number of attackers.


This would in turn make people build smarter instead of having large multiple layered foundation piles of garbage everywhere. Just my opinion.


I agree and feel it would make more sense emersion wise as well

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My initial reasoning was to stop players from taking too much territory by placing a small string of foundations that don’t actually have anything to do with the main base. I wouldn’t care so much if they built upwards. I think that it wouldn’t effect layered bases too much if it’s just foundation, wall, foundation, wall. I’d worry that players would rush to pre existing areas like the trade way tunnel and get a massive advantage. If the entire footprint that their structures take up is factored I think it would mean much more compact bases.

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Smart compact builds.

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I spoke to some of the players who are doing this and they said they wanted to have their own space to play the game. I asked why not go on single player then and I was told it was because they like annoying (not the word they used) others and watching them ‘cry’ on global chat.

I wouldn’t agreed to that at all.

We are building a whole city in the swungle on a spot where we only blocking trees and rocks nothing else.
for example there is a panther spawn we are planning to make an arena around it, not just build over it…

But ppl even with few walls blocking pathways tunnels mostly, blocking entrances of NPC camps for thrall taking purposes, and even rare resources like silver veins at rhinohorn.

So purge should be more vicious to them instead of them who just wanna build something beautiful but big.

Why can’t you do that in co op play? Invite your pals in too help. I’m on a PvE-C server and it’s absolutely ridiculous the size of the footprint of these bases. The player levels are low aswell at an average of level 37 so they aren’t even doing the journey. You can up the resource harvest rate and turn off the purge.

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Why would I? :slight_smile:

I have many friend on that server.

But those @ssholes just wanna grief or silly AF. I mean there is no point living in a place with blocked resources.
They can’t use them as well.

And that’s the problem, some minecrafters are happy to build an Ewok city in the trees but others just like to annoy other gamers. I was suggesting a solution to this.

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Idk Loon, I love the big ambitious cities and watching them crumble in seconds under the feet of an avatar

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Purge should punish people who build wide rather than high up. Would make sense since the wider you build, the more resources you take away from everyone. It would work perfectly and using a purge to punish them is even better. Nicely put together.

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I don’t think it’s as much an issue on PvP servers as the players can deal with it themselves by using the destruction aspects of the game. It’s the PvE &PvE-C servers where the problem is felt. There is nothing you can do about the buildings, if they place a smal 1x1x1 hut it has the decay timer at 144 hrs, I know because we have done it just inside the dragonmouth to keep the pathway open for all players. On PvE there’s no need (other than the purge) to build above sandstone so it’s very easy and spread out all over the place. I’m happy enough with the high towers it’s the horizontal spread I have an issue with. If you place a foundation then another 10 foundation lengths away you take up a large area just with 2 foundations and their proximity increases. Make that a string of 4 foundations and the decay timer thinks it’s a building and gives increased time.