Purge needs to be fixed and stop overbuilding

Overbuilding has always been a issue in this game, people are selfish and build more than they should, this is a survival game, not Sim City and many people seem to forget this. There are many other who share the server with you, if you wanna play like that you should be in Single Player.

Not only this ruins the landscape, but it also ruins the game. When there are too many elevators, “highways” through hostile areas or blockages the result is always negative. You either take away any challenge, making the game trivial, or ruin the players experiance with road blocks, cave blocks, etc…

In neither cases this is a good thing for the server. The Purge needs to be fixed ASAP and also stop all this “Conan Sim City” mentality, even the most active clans/players should not be able to keep up multiple structures, bridges, stupid blockades, whatever, all over the maps. The Purge should be more intense and frequent if you build all over the place.


Not sure what happened to the purge, but thought it was supposed to stop this. I see it on official servers currently. Massive 100 tile high walls made of sandstone in the desert, with elevators going all over the place. the purge should be wiping this stuff out as it was intended.

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I agree, it’s not even so much of ruining people’s experience by blocking others. But also, it really stresses the server and people’s computers. The wider a base gets, the bigger pressure they should get from a purge. However you should watch out when it comes to overbuilding. We shouldn’t punish people who build high and decorate their base, at least those people are mindful and aren’t hurting anyone.

I understand, Im one who spend hours decorating my house. I have a 10 x 6 house, its relatively small but its beautifully decorated, inside and outside. What I mean by overbuilding is when somebody decide to build all over the world, that means, spamming pillars to prevent others from building closer, making dozens of passage blocks, building “highways” that safely connect all important locations, elevators to climb every mountain, empty sand castles everywhere, etc…

Purge should get rid of this, the more you build on several different locations the harder it should get defend them all.

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well… purge in general is weak when it comes to structure dmg. Also I think that purge meter should be filling up passively so no matter if you are online and active or offline an inactive purge will eventually come and try to wipe you. 14-20 days of inactivity and purge meter should fill up and start the purge

Blame that “overbuilding” stuff onto the trailer of the game. EVEN IN THAT you clearly see that you SHOULD build a whole city…

So dudes instead of try to force everyone to build small go play rust and let us build our cities…

Building a small but beautiful house is just 1/100th work than build a big and nice thing like a town or a city.
Why on earth would purge should retribute those more who is willing to build and grind more? it just don1t make sense.

Instead purge should prioritize the destruction of the ugly boxhouses and passage/resource blockers and even the decayed houses imo. (But fortunately these last ones are demolishable by players).

But I do agree that the current system is buggy as hell. We got a purge only one wave and it was defeated like in 10 secs not even seen any enemy. so this needs a fix. many ppl complained after their purge the meter wasn’t reset…etc…etc…

So you rather see Trumptowers all over the place than small towns? Wow that is surely be lore friendly.

Anyway with map room being like 8x8 and 1 vault is being 5x5… imagine how to make that all (I mean 5-6 vaults) 1 maproom and all the crafting stations not to mention decorations, public shelters …etc so if not wide it might be a 4-6 storey building multiply that by 2 at least so that 8-12 walls hight + the elevation on the lower level foundation… Skyscraper exiles… blah

Also 3-4 HR office is a must. den, pirate ship(s), new AssGarden, Relic hunter city… I think with the current bugs with thralls in tow it is almost impossible to collect from all places and bring em to one central base.

no mounts so crossing the land by foot is a bit more than 30 mins. Good luck with that while a thrall is binded to you …

Oh here we go again with this Trump bashing, this is exactly why he won the election.

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People can build as big as they like. They shouldn’t block things though.
Funcom can easily fix this by making all monster, thrall, iron, silver and ice spawn no build zones. And especially ghosts.
Several have been blocked on the server I’m on.
I think it must be that they didn’t have time to do this to all as you can build on some of the newer spawns, but most of the spawns that were around since the begining of ea are unbuildable.

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I HATE the people to claim a whole area by placing foundations all over the place so no one builds near their McMansion. Something does need to be done to stop that. Blocking areas off with walls and what not is ridiculous also and I have ran into it more often than I would like, you expect the couple of jerks but not half the people on the server. I try to be respectful of other people’s things and stay out of their little areas, but when that area is a chunk of a the map then I have no choice to go through your “territory” and steal your fish for the inconvenience

On the other hand ppl hate when someone just build a box around his/her beautiful creation, let it be a mansion, or a cool looking hose or even a big city… Imagine looking out of the windows just to see 5-10 small 2x2 boxes outside instead of the view…
not to mention if someone builds on the Edge of the claim zone you cannot even exchange your outter walls at all. So that’s why we need something as a perimeter.

BTW I am ususaly using fence foundations they are barely noticeable. and occasionally signs of my plans for that area. ie: “21x21 collosseum will be here soon”

Simply put time consuming to grind all the materials and build everything at once. And in the meantime we need protection of space.

Luckily ever since launch no one can steal our stuff so I usually leave “holes” on the walls (like public shelters in case of a sandstorm) or even make elevators to ease some traversal… so ppl can easy cross the area. Still don’t see what’s wrong with it? this game is about building among the fights. Especially in PVE.

if you don’t like it go play PVP and take a whole clip full of explosives with you to erase those “infidels” … :smiley:

It aint our job to judge a base “appearance” to be demolished. Some people may not care how it looks, or they may just of build something to be functional so they can settle somewhere else with the produced materials.

The massive highways and elevators should be damaged by the sandstorm if its T1. That alone would help keep people from wanting to make such massive buildings because t1 is very easy to make. Directing the purge towards these buildings would also help for sure.