Conan, structure limit

We all love to build insane structures, and amass a base to awesome it inspires players. A few on the server I’m on have done that… But when you have someone building a pyramid 80x80 (or larger I’m not going over to count) over an entire area. Your getting out of control. Now it’s about I saw this on YouTube let’s do it to crash the server. As it has grown to near completion. The server has drastically declined in performance. I understand a fix for harrassers and such are in the works… But damn. Let’s get a structure limit going. So many bases all over the place… From the same 3 man tribe… And this pyramid from another… To “beat the purge”. End their reign please.

I have built a large base because I like medieval structures and modeled mine after a castle with a large wall. It is getting to the point where it takes quite a bit of time to load all the pieces in. It would be nice to be able to increase the precaching so that it would load quicker.

The second thought is to work on the server code to deliver the information faster. Its likely being delayed due to the I/O’s from the hard disks. I’m sure they are working on that.

I wouldnt want to see a structure limit because I enjoy being creative and I love seeing what other people are coming up with.

Once the Purge works, it should devastate giant structures made of weak materials. Just give the devs some time to fix Purge and your issue will be resolved.

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