Build limits and locations


It may just be me, But I’m really getting tired of people that like to build/block off completely, discoverable locations. For example: EU official server I’m playing, someone has built a huge wall that’s spiked all the way around the Oasis. It’s know impossible to get to it so can not discover it at all, can not blow it up as it’s on PVE-C.

It’s players like this that are destroying the game, this is not the first official server I’ve seen this on.

I’ve also seen the entire iron spawn site next to lost city walled off.

I think that locations for discovery should have some sort of limit…

Or better still - just have a build limit. PvE and PvE-c are being ruined.

American and EU servers are a joke, even more so as there is only 6 each on console.

Will anything be done or is this the future of Conan?

I really hope not…

You could always pay for a private server.


Have you reported this to Funcom with screen shots of the offending wall? Last I heard they will sometimes take action if a player is blocking off something major if its reported. (Though other times I’ve heard the opposite but hey it’s worth a shot.)

I’ll take a screenshot and report it, doubt anything will be done tho, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about nothing ever getting done about it. But I’ll give it a go, want told my breath tho.

Thanks for the input :+1:

Have thought about that, but with bills and kids and you know, the real world, my money gets swooped up pretty fast lol

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