Official Server over crowded

My friends and I picked this game back up after not playing when our server in Asia was removed. We joined an American PVC server that obviously cannot handle the amount of builds it has. Everywhere we go is super laggy and honestly it’s just no fun. I start the game up and I have to literally wait 15 mins to be able to move my character. I can roll but my ability to walk/run doesn’t load?? Level 40 on the server now and I’m needing to venture further into the game but it crashes when we get too far because of the years and years of builds. So many. Huge structures dominating the different regions. I’m to high a level to restart on a new server now but I need to know if these builds will ever be removed? 3522.

Most likely not. It is an issue but it is legit. Unfortunately if you wanna build castle of your own in conan you gotta do it on solo player. Or do like me play PvP. their is no giant castle that been there for years. If so when my clan walk in it disappeared pretty fast.

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