Decay system needs to be changed

Decay has always been a problem in this game, its flawed feature that doesnt do its job. There are severe problems Im gonna try to list. Keep in mind this topic has nothing to do with the short/longer decay timer for vacation, Im just trying to show how this system needs to be improved.

  1. Its “too easy” refresh structures: It only takes range and no time to refresh structures back to its full timer. Connected structures, like massive “highways” connected by elevators can be refreshed even if the player is nowhere nearby them! This is a SURVIVAL game, but all servers feel like civilized areas, full of elevators, bridges, “high ways”, etc… because they can be easly “refreshed”

  2. Only work when people really leave or have a RL problem: Since its trivial to refresh structures, even when the player isnt nowhere near them, we only see a structure gone for good when the player/clan leaves the game for good! The timer doesnt matter anything, it could be 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 months… decay will only kick when the player leaves!
    When/if a player is forced to step away from the game, which could be unfair. A player that is forced to leave on business trip, vacation break, or even have unpredictable hardware or account problem could lose everything. So basically a short decay time only hurts people who are unable to log in, if the player has quit the game it will go away eventually. (so I approve the current longer decay)

  3. Its too safe build without retaliation: Purges never happen, period. The game feels like Sim City, the more you build the better, when it should NOT be like this! The more a player builds the more it should demand from them! Purges should be a very, very important variable in the decay system, perhaps the most important variable, but its virtually not doing anything. A player/clan that has 200 bases, 1000 elevators connected to “high ways”, etc… should be -constantly- raided by Purges, like -every night-. The Land doesnt fight back in this game, or it takes too long for minimum damage. Players are being attacked like… once a month? With “luck”. By that time most have already hit lvl 60, have 3+ bases and 20 other structures all over the map… even if they are attacked it will most likely do minimum damage that can be quickly repaired/rebuild with the abundant resource available from multiple bases… Purges should prevent building abuses, but they dont do their job.

So basically, we can build everywhere with no fear, (Purges dont do anything) and maintain everything with virtually no effort. This concept is totally broken to me, it also dont help anything to prevent/stop hate buildings, that most (if not ALL) PvE servers suffer. You can hate build and grief every single player in the server, decay and purge will not stop that, when it should be really, really hard keep so many structures up all over the place.

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Decay system works fine for me, but purge needs improvement indeed

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Decay system was only meant to have literally abandoned buildings to vanish. And when it comes to this, the system does its job. However, the problem lies in those crazy landclaims some people do. As for highways… Some people might actually like them, which will have been the reason for them to exist. I do agree its a survival game, however if we build a highway to make survival easier, I think that is legit.

A new variable would be neat when it comes to purges:
Placed buildingparts, decorations and thralls should attract purges just as you wrote. Like number of placables/buildings/thralls : 10=number of points added to the purge bar each period (which ranges from I think 1 to 120 minutes?).
Also a forced purge (ignoring the max purge/day value) should happen if one hits the hard cap of purge bar - in exchange the bar might be totally depleted?