Delay of decay of buildings

The system of decay of buildings seems a bit brutal for casual players ? Today, I come back from a week of holidays and I discover that I have nothing ! no building or chest, nothing more ! The limit of 7 days seems much too short (not everyone is a hardcore gamer connected every day all year). The deadline could be 30 days, right ? Otherwise, casual gamers go your way … :frowning:
I hope Funcom see this message.


I agree. This just happened to me too. 6-7 days isn’t nearly enough. Even 2 weeks would be a lot better.

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I think aslong as you are online it can be long decaysystem, was a pain to be forsed to run all over the map to keep hte keeps. spec if you havea week whit rl is in hi demand. So you just can log on and safe the house.

But works fin to clear out if you dont come online at all.

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How about making the decay system soft after like 2 weeks and a total hard-reset after a month?

Meaning after 2 weeks other players can delete (OR EVEN BETTER: CLAIM) old leftover houses.
But after a month the server could make the cleanup anyways.

1 week is just too narrow of a timespan. What if someone go to a vacation or worse goes into the hospital…etc?
2 some of the decayed buildings might be cool looking or in a very good position… So why only demolish is the option? Make it claimable after some time first.