Decay settings for structures

We need a different option then one that makes us have to repair the buildings all the time!

What is needed is a decay setting that is based on time and a demolish option or a auto demolish after a time period.

i would suggest making a system that allows people do demolish old structures when a clan has not been online for a while. Something like: T1 buildings having 10 days before other people can demolish them. T2 Buildings having 16 days before they can be demolished and T3 Buildings having 21 days before they can be demolished.

Please make this an option :slight_smile:

I typed in an idea maybe worth checking into another decay thread:

How about making the decay system soft after like 2 weeks and a total hard-reset after a month?

Meaning after 2 weeks other players can delete (OR EVEN BETTER: CLAIM) old leftover houses.
But after a month the server could make the cleanup anyways.

1 week is just too narrow of a timespan. What if someone go to a vacation or worse goes into the hospital…etc?
2 some of the decayed buildings might be cool looking or in a very good position… So why only demolish is the option? Make it claimable after some time first.

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Yeah, that would be way better then what we currently have. On my private server i have to do i manually atm :cry:

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