Structure Decay and Other Things

OK so as a server host, i have a few very important questions about the decay timers. Most of the settings for just about all things are in numerical values. Now without any clarification on wether these are hours/minutes/days, this can be a big problem! I need some clarification on MANY of the current server settings!!!

The most important to me, since i have 40/40 players most the time, is the decay system. PLEASE explain IN DETAIL everything about the settings plz! I need to find a way to clear out building automatically.

Also i would love to see an UPDATED DETAILED guide on server settings!

Also, I found out to not use the destroytarget command…now is there a way to use the shift+delete??? I have NO delete key on my board, and having to hit that combo each time i delete an idividual item would be extremly annoying. Is there a console command related to that so that i can bind it to a key??

I did some digging! I was rewarded with a bit of information:

For these decay timer options you’re looking at, these are listed in seconds.

This will help you with your initial inquiry, but it’s far from complete. The developer I spoke with made it clear that we’re not done adding server settings to the UI. We’re also not done adding descriptions to the options we have in the UI. We hope to have each of these things cleared up over time.

With that said, I don’t have a conclusive, detailed description of each server setting and their variables, but I will begin work on one.

Thank you Christa! That does help a little bit. I do have another thread regarding some admin console commands, do you think you might help me with them?

Any news yet? The game is due to launch but i have several issues that should be address before the launch…

Was there ever any new information released about this? I can’t seem to google anything related to decay timers.