Decay timers keep resetting to 360hrs!

Xbox platform

After my private server’s setting were rest to default by either Funcom of Gportal last week, the decay timers are broken & no longer function properly. I have checked all decay settings and have them set at default, but all timers keep resetting like people own every structure. Is there a setting I missed when this reset to default happened? Is there another setting that does not relate to decay that could be resetting these timers any time anybody gets close to any structure owned or not?


  1. log in to server with decay set at 360 hours
  2. approach any structure that does not belong to you or your clan
  3. watch decay time reset from 130 hrs to 360 hrs
  4. never be able to demolish abandoned buildings as a player
  5. (etc)

Hmmmm is it that time for vacations again?

I’m assuming that your server got lumped in with a bump of officials to reset the decay timers for 360 because that is what is done during vacation time. Could be wrong because I swore it was more in August.

Hi, thanks. The 360 hour decay timers are not the problem. We want the decay time for 15 days, which is 360 hours. The problem is that structures that belong to people who are no longer logging in to the server are resetting the decay times whenerver ANYBODY goes near them. Normally it takes a member of the clan to reset decay timers. What’s the point of having abandonment set if the timers are just arbitrarily resetting whever any person walks by?

They reset ALL server settings to default about a week ago, not just decay timers, and if they were reset just the one time it wouldn’t be an issue. They’re stuck on constant reset to 360 hours. Really, really frustrating for players on our server with sticky fingers!

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