Decay Timers are broken since previous Funcom update

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Days of High Adventure

Bug Description:

Decay Timers broke when you reset my server to default settings!!!

Bug Reproduction:

Hi, almost 6 months ago, Funcom released an update that kicked my server back to default settings. I had to fix everything! Since that time, the decay timers on my server no longer function properly. Some are fine, but most are not. Some just reset any time the server restarts. Some reset anytime a player goes near them. I cannot keep the auto restart on because that keeps all timers pegged at 360 hrs! This is a nightmare to maintain a clean server now!!! I keep hearing that Funcom is “aware” of this, but I’ve not seen an official announcement, of any fix given. PLEASE FIX THIS -Thank you.


Decay time resets when the server restarts - Conan Exiles / General Discussion - Funcom Forums

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Just posting to keep this alive since support around here is acting like this is something “new”. How are you going to fix this, Funcom? Been renting a server for years & now, I’m hemoraging players due to this garbage. I do not enjoy manually policing my server trying to figure out which structures are abandoned or not. FIX YOUR F’ING GAME


Hi, any answers today?

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Still waiting for an official word on what’s to be done. Don’t see anything today.

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oops, I skipped a day, but I’ll give you guys the weekend. Answers this upcoming week would be awesome!

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So… How goes that decay timers fix?


Hey! Now marked as “report received”! Gonna keep this up for developer response now.

What’s the word? I’m still resetting NEW places on my server, so it’s not just those who were grandfathered thru the update.

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Checking in to keep alive and ask for an answer. Any word yet?

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Whew! this almost slipped to 7 days. Gonna keep it here til you answer me, Funcom.

I commend your efforts and would also be going nuts if my private server was broken like that.

I’ve seen a comment from another poster that this is happening because of a bad value in a column in a table and that you can fix this issue if you force the game to reinsert that row.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I am trying this fix now. It didn’t mention anything about timers resetting when players outside of the clan approached structures, but fingers crossed this fixes it all!

And the “somehow” was when Funcom crashed all our servers months ago & reset them to default status. That’s the “somehow”, lol.

Hi, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I shut down server for an hour, then ran a repair & restarted the server a few minutes later. I am still resetting timers with restarts and just by passing by to check times with repair hammer.

This is a nightmare for server maintenance.

Yeah. Sounds pretty awful. Have your checked out the server admins discord? Someone there might have some other things you could try.

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Hi, thanks for the link! I joined and couldn’t see a clear place to ask a question, but the Xbox related questions I saw in the general & troubleshoot channels were left unanswered (seems very PC-centric).

I think I know what I’m ultimately gonna have to do here. I’m gonna set a date. If this & my lost, owned, Watcher gear is left unanswered/unaddressed by that date, I’ll just shut down the rented server I can no longer keep clean, uninstall this hog of a 160GB game from my Series X & move on, looking past Dune.

If screaming into the void here hoping enough people have the same problem to even get FC’s attention is the only viable tech support offered for Xbox players, then what other choice do I have, but to avoid this company’s products, present & future? I never order anything online without a valid telephone number for customer service. I have a serious issue with a basic function that needs attention & I just don’t feel like I can get that kind of service here (or on that discord you linked). I do appreciate you trying to help me though. Thank you.


There is more figured out as work arounds by players than fc has fixed for 3.0.

This is typical of a fc patch though.

What if the players on console all just quit logging in? Quit playing, quit submitting bug reports? Without the players to submit reports for untested patches, ce would probably implode after 2 patches.

This whole thing is our own fault. We have accepted the fc way. We stick around after the game is destroyed. We even go so far as to report fc created bugs so fc can fix the impact of untested patches.

No, it looks like today’s update that force restarted my server reset some timers to 360 hrs just as it has happened since about June 2nd.

Hey OP of the fix here sadly just a few weeks later when a new patch came it bricked my servers again :face_exhaling: I’ll take the post down as it doesn’t seem to be a permanent fix. We have determined since the restart is the issue and there’s nothing that can be done about it since console can’t edit server files. That moving to have a monthly restart instead of a daily one helps solve the problem. Unfortunately it is only a bandaid. All that can be done is to get the devs to acknowledge this issue

If your player base is active enough you may have to just turn off restarts entirely