Verified fix for the server age 0 decay reset problem 8-18-2022

So after many hours of frustration and research I was finally able to determine that this was my issue…ery-restart-help/189984/7

Basically what happens is the server age code line somehow gets deleted or has an error. This ends up causing the server age to reset when the server restarts and because the decay timers check that line of code to verify the correct decay time. The decay times on buildings reset themselves to full as a result. So after figuring out what was happening. It turns out the way to fix it is to just add or edit the missing serverruntime code line. Unfortunately because I run a ps4 server I could not access the game files so that fix would not work for me. So after this correspondence with support this ended up being the fix for me.

So to fix this issue for consoles you have to fully turn off your server let it stay off for 10-20 minutes and then run a server repair while the server is still off and then wait a few minutes and turn it back on.


Thanks for the input have not had this problem on our ps4 server but have seen it on many other’s that got reverted to, zero will take a screen shot maybe we can help ot.

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