Server launcher showing age 0, player buildings are updated on every restart! HELP

I’ve seen this issue as well and have succesfully made a fix for it, i’ll be leaving it here in full detail hoping that it works for just about everyone.

  1. Access your admin panel / management tool
    1.1 If your server is not off turn it of before proceeding
    1.2 If your server is off then proceed to step 2

  2. Go to where the game.db file is stored for you, this entirely depends on how and with whom you’re hosting your server so in general it should be something along the lines of Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved
    2.1 If you’re runnning multiple servers ensure that you’re in the data folder of the intended server that you are attempting to fix
    2.2 Make a backup of the game.db file

  3. Use a sqlite navigator tool, this would be a general use tool viable for most people
    3.1 A decent guide on the tool is available here : Data Management with SQL for Social Scientists *alpha*: Using DB Browser for SQLite

  4. Open the game.db file and navigate to the dw_settings table
    4.1 Using the info in the guide provided above the step you should take from it are : Opening a database
    4.2 The above step also details how to access tables so it should lead you do the right screen and there you will see the table

  5. Check if this table has an entry where the name column is serverruntime
    5.1 If there is an entry ensure that the data in the value column is of the format 3677564.48736522
    5.1.1 If the entry is not similar to said format adjust it, using even the value above as it will correct itself
    5.2 If there is no entry then you need to create it which can be done in the Browse data tab
    5.2.1 Under the row of tabs you have a set of buttons one of them will state ‘Insert a new record in the current table’ when hovered
    5.2.2 After clicking the button a new row will appear at the bottom of the list with null in both columns
    5.2.3 In the left column you need to add in serverruntime and in the right column you can use 3677564.48736522, as stated previously this will get corrected right when the server is started back up

Now that will cover the cases where the entry is missing or poorly formatted and resulting in a default to 0 result. In case you have the entry in a valid format and still see your server reporting an age on 0 then this might relate to the nature of the values as they may be somehow invalid, the two numbers separated by a . appear to be in fact unix epoch timestamps and if they’re out of the epoch time bounds they will fail to translate and that could, though not so sure about this, result in a faulty computation, so in order to check that you could use Epoch Batch Conversion Tool to determine what the two numbers would translate to.