Decay Timers are broken since previous Funcom update

Umm… I need to have auto server restarts turned off. If on, it pegs all timers to 360 hrs and keeps them there. Before this fiasco, I had daily server restarts to keep it running smoothly. That all died June 2nd, along with my clean server.

Point is, I had a working basic feature before June 2nd. Now, I do not & that is through no fault of my own and there doesn’t seem to be a fix in the pipe-line. Can’t even get someone to officially talk about it. Seriously, paying a monthly charge to rent a server & they cannot be bothered to even respond here or privately. I’m starting to lose patience with this.


I am not letting this die.

I’ve also been very annoyed by the Age 0 / Decay reset bug created each time server is restarted…

A fix for PC servers has been discovered, but G-Portal has FTP disabled for console servers and will not help or assist with database edits for any console servers and stated that Funcom must fix it with a game update…

Game.db Database Solution (found by Ratsuky):
INSERT INTO dw_settings (name,value) VALUES (‘serverruntime’,‘3677564.48736522’);

In short, within game.db the “dw_settings” table is missing “serverruntime” now so every time the server restarts it loads up with a null run time history… This in turn resets the age to 0 and decay time for buildings… FYI the two number values (separate by period) within “serverruntime” appear to be Unix time.

Hears to hoping after many months Funcom will see and fix this for console servers!

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Funcom can you please comment if this issue is being tracked and if so will a future update resolve the problem? Thanks!

Edit: Can someone tag @ Funcom to increase the odds of them seeing this? It won’t let me since I made the account just to post the above message… -_- ”Sorry, new users can’t mention other users”

Thanks for the help. @Funcom can you help here now, please? Seriously considering shutting down server st this point.


Oh man is this why our timers are goofed?? I been looking for why. Along with all the mod screw ups lately our poor server has gone from 10-15 players a day to almost zero as people are tired of it :frowning: Makes me sad.

Yeah, I’ve been serious considering shutting down my dedicated server. Just seems pointless to keep it running with its low utilization numbers now :confused:

Due to the games age and large amounts of severs running it’s difficult to recruit new players and with so many bugs in the game it’s just as difficult keeping the ones we have :cry: Plus the consoles limitations for server admins have always been extremely disappointing.

Might give it another month to see if things can improve (doubtful). If it doesn’t, I’ll just put it to a vote on the servers discord. Based on the responses, it might just be time to call it quits. Would hate to end it if a player is active still though, but with the trend of lately I don’t see anyone caring.

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My server get a good amount of traffic, but I also get a ton of complaints. Things I can’t do anything about. A lot of things now, lol.

I am trying to obtain files from Gportal now to possibly help in this issue. Just want to keep this here for updates for anyone else who are having problems.

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It seems that G-Portal will not release the files that are being requested by Funcom. Now, I’m being told that because server files are not “public” & not available per Funcom’s request, that their development team is going to have to reach out to Funcom directly to try to resolve this. G-Portal also stated that Funcom knows this before they even requested the files!

If only Gportal had taken this approach when I first brought this issue to them on June 10, 2022, I might have working decay timers by now instead of just getting started on the issue.

still waiting for them to get back to me with news

Yeah I’m trying to keep this alive too in hopes that FC fixes it on their end. This link will show you what I’ve done to correct the issue based off some good info mixed with bad. With some help I’ve gotten things fixed as far as I know. Hope this helps! Server Age and Decay reset upon restart - PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Also bears mentioning again that this isn’t a G Portal issue. I’ve tried another host as well and have been told that this occurs with privately hosted servers on personal machines too. The serverruntime line isn’t being created by FC provided startup files.

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