Decay timers continue to reset after every server restart

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Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Croms Bazaar (PVE Boosted vanilla)
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Building decay resets after each server restart. The timer on any building doesn’t even begin counting down until loaded in by a player walking by it.

Bug Reproduction:

Restart server, use repair hammer to view building decay of another player who is not online. Restart server again and view same build and see that the decay time has reset to 360 hours again (server max)

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Welcome to the Forum. This is happening on Playstation also I assume you are playing on a private Gportal server :wink: @Rakshasa if so it is is Gportal issue not that most of the crew knows what to do it is a setting no one seems to come back to the Forum when they have figured it out

That has been like that for years.
If you ask questions. They will tell you they working to fix it.
Thats a big lie. All their official server works properly.
If they have been really trying to fix this. We would have gotten fixed by now.

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Thank you - but this is a private PC server thru Host Havoc

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You need to fix it in the game.db with an sql tool.

Navigate there to the dw_settings and look if there is a serverruntime entry (most likely not)
So add a new column and name it serverruntime and add the value 3677564.48736522 this sets your day to 1 and it will then continue to count up.

Can find a more in depth explanation here: Funcom forums - day 0 - decay reset fix

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have been trying to investigate this issue for a while.

Could you share the server’s database with us?

Feel free to upload it to Google Drive or to a similar platform if you prefer.

Thank you for replying - since original post the Pippi mod was installed for tracking purposes. I have uploaded game.db to the following link:


Yes and I have applied this and server age is now fixed in the sever list but this does not correct the building decay issue.


Damn thats weird. Was always fixed for me after the serverruntime addition.

Have noticed on the offi siptah though that bases start to decay only when someone renders since decay is back on there.

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How can this topic still be on. The problem is really old in the meanwhile. I had the same problem on my Playstation Server. Switched to PC now, same problem here…
I’d appreciate Funcom to deliver a solution soon. To clean out the server by hand is an annoying pice of work

Update to my original bug report: I have since discovered that the decay issue only effects some builds on my server, not all. The really strange thing is that I have found instances where it effects only a couple of builds within the same clan - where no member of the clan has been on the server for over 20 days, as verified by the game.db. Again, these “immune builds” have the decay timers reset after each server restart and only begin to initiate as I approach the build. The good news is that it is not many builds on my server which makes this more manageable. I would attribute this to maybe a isolated issue within my database if it wasn’t for others reporting similar issues with decay timers.

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