Items Decaying when they shouldn't. Server pve 2730

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The past week, even though we have been on to reset things as we always do every other day, random things have been decaying. sometimes in our event log it will show these things were set to decay, get reset, and then they get reset to decay one month ago. I think the timers are messed up or something and one of our chest that decayed had all our most valuable items in it including a map room and all our gold and silver. please fix

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This also occurred to me on server 2727. My entire guild structure (a huge castle with a wall) with crafting tables/etc, EVERYTHING gone. I logged in at least within the last week and this thing was set on a 2 week timer.

Hey there,

Decay timers are set to one week in official servers. Private servers can set that value to whatever setting they prefer, or disable it altogether.

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Regardless your timers are still screwed up. I’ve had structures with timers in the 160+ hours disappear after not being visited for 48 hours. I’ve put meat in a cook fire and the whole stack cooked all at once and I’ve put stacks of meat in an oven and the entire thing cooked and decayed instantly. So guess what, your game is bugged if that comes at any sort of surprise to you.

I’ve had two max decay-time buildings, decay like this.

In the first case, an altar decayed even though I was in the base. Other nearby buildings didn’t decay. All were on the same timer.

In the second case, a pet pen at another base decayed even though I’d just been to that base and checked the pen 2 days prior. When I finally got over to the base a day later, the other buildings were still unaffected. All were in the same max decay timer - one week. Why would one decay but the others remain?

This was on a different official pve server from the OP. I’ve rebuilt and have been watching the logs to see if anything else gets a decay notice too soon.

While this is true unfortunately there is an issue with the timers, as mentioned here and other posts items that have a maxed out decay timer on them are decaying super fast.

Iv had a level 2 mitra shrine with a maxed out timer that decayed while i was offline for about 3hrs as well as alot of decoration items.

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