The decay goes to fast and elements in an area decay unintentionally

Server 1339 Asia PVE, steam PC

I had 2 areas with wheel of pain and crafting stations, maybe 15 + items and a homebase, after a few days its all gone except homebase, my fishing gear near homebase 15+ items also gone.

I see T3 buildings gone to fast, people will not return if they loose to much so fast. People have vacations. We dont even know how close items must be, because parts- items in an area where you build disappear to decay system. Stop decay.

A dude on my Pve server was building foundations around my house, now he builds walls instead, ffs lol, with more than 6 foundations.

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If you want to know how much time a structure has for decay, make a repair hammer. Equip said repair hammer. It will tell you in hours how much time before decay.

144 hours is the max I’ve seen.

I am aware of this, tnx SirMang, what if we all could get like an area 40 x 40 foundation area that didnt decay,
and if that was placed unhindered, which we could place where no resources was occupied,
and any other bases parts we build have decay,
but not the 40 x 40.

Maybe this square could be moveable to, then ppl could come back with ease knowing they have a base.

the decay system is good, its a nice idea, but too simple and too short, people travel for work, on vacation, sometimes your pc or console need fixing, things happen, 6 days is not enough, people dont wanna start from scratch all the time, you spend a lot of time farming for materials, thralls, and players love their bases, there should be a better decay system, lesser constructions, smaller, lets say pillars and alone fundations should have less time, but bigger constructions should be more than 15 days, also better materials tiers should last longer, i would say 21 days at least or a month, or once per 3 months you could block the decay system for a longer time in one of your bases, i dont know the tech and programing for it, if its possible or not, but one thing i know not every one are in clan or wants to be, and starting from scratch every time you travel is gonna make people stop playing this, me included

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