Need a respons from funcom about the decay system

Me and many more will be way more then the week during the summer for hollyday and work. What we need to know it its any Point to keep playing, as its now Everything we do will be gone when we are back so no Point to do anything befor the time of and sins we loos Everything i guess many will not start over again and just quit playing, jumping to next game and dont come back.

What will you do?

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Get friends?
Or log out in a small location overloaded with enough supplies to rebuild?

If you prefer PvE only, i understand. However how is the decay any different than playing on a PvP server to come back to your base raided and destroyed?

I get a week isn’t long, but isn’t it a trade off to help stop structure spamming? If the delay was longer it would mean structures last long make spammers more annoying. But at 6 days, it limits spammers.

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Gnough supplies? don realy follow? that will also auto deleat after a week!

Yes will probebly be rades and loose some stuff but the house and hopfuly some loot will remain. And what a good base building you can awoide to be hit hard by raiding and other Clans dont know im gone so that a part of the gamble to be offline. you dont know what they do but what i do know is that EVERYTHING will be gone when im back as is now. And that not good for the game in any way.

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Not everything decays at exactly the same time, at least from what i have seen. I found a guy’s house and only 2 wall sections had decayed. The rest was intact. He later joined our group and said he had been away a week or so. Now it is possible those 2 walls we just less touched than the others. However the impression i got was… Decay timer expires, then things start having a chance to Decay, not after 6 days it just goes. I could be wrong.

As for supplies, i mean have on your person right before you log out for vacation…

Tools, food, and water
4 Foundation blocks
4 roof corners
1 bed or bed roll
1 chest
1 door and door frame
7 walls

Then even if all is gone, you can throw together a house and start up again.

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After 1 week other player can auto desroy and 2 weeks is so its disepar if it have the max decay time what i understand. then a purge can come and change and put down some walls to…

Yes thats helps the rebuild, just ad a melter and blacksmith thrall to on the list.

And chans on handing over stuff to a frendly clan and sleep in ther keep is a way to but far from al have that option.

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You may lose your building but you won’t lose your level, skills, feats, or the ability to build again. Yes, the game is worth continuing.

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Yes i get youre point if you are a working clan but to abit hard to restart when you are alone, spec when you know what you just lost. spec if you later have to go away on work 10 dayes later to.

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