Vacations decay timer

Seriously, I can’t even go on a vacation and lose all of my buildings and stored stuff? I’m on a PvE server for crying out loud!! Makes me want to instantly stop with and abandon this game.

Yeah, that’s what the people say who are parking their castles on servers they never log into.

A huge issue on Pve and Pve-c servers these days. Players who regularly log in are stuck with massive building lag and every good spot is jealously held onto by players who say they are waiting for the game to improve to play more than just to refresh their castle.

Join a clan, its why you played on a multiplayer server in the first place. If you have decided you don’t like (trust) people than why are you wasting your time playing alongside them? Just play on a single player server… no decay…

Finally, if you don’t like either of those options then when you return try playing on a pvp server where you will literally lose all your possessions on a regular basis and then you will realize how little value trying to hold onto your digital possessions has.


Lots of people join multiplayer servers for the social aspect, not necessarily to be in a clan, some prefer to play by themselves, but like to talk to other players, maybe go on exploration with someone or maybe pvp fights(PVP, PVE-C).
Is it better that people who play regularly, but sometimes have to be away for more than a week to lose their stuff instead of clans/people who just log in to refresh get to keep their stuff.

I feel for OP, the decay system isn’t fair, it should be based on your server activity so people can’t just log in to refresh for another week keeping their stuff even though they don’t actively play :slight_smile:


If they addressed it so that the “Refresher’s” couldn’t take advantage of it, sure.

But honestly any system that allows for players to walk away form their game for over a week will get abused by the majority, who are actually “Refresher’s”

But really… People need to realize that all this digital game possession attachment is unhealthy. Nothing online will ever last forever, especially in gaming. Better to learn to deal with it now so it doesn’t pile up on you later…

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Yeah, man! I have the same legit question. It was 15 days before recently. At least something. Now they’ve reduced it down to 7 days…really?! If you are a grown adult, with what one would call is “real life”, where you can have the different times off due to business trips or family vacations or whatever else, but you are not planning to stop playing the game, is becoming impossible to keep up with the game. Especially if you like the game and you are not planning to quit and the most important, you are planning further buying DLC, which should be the crucial part for the dev to consider rolling it back up to 15 days at least. Because if one stops playing and quits the game it will not cause the big difference for the system to dismantle one’s constructions whether it 7 or 15 days, though it will have some negative impact on the community who will leave due to that. The resent example just has happened on my server. The 2 guys or girls who had all the DLC possible (judged by their constructions) who had very beautiful base btw, lost everything due to had been off for 9 or 10 days. And on their previous base spot appeared a plaque with a message “why did that happen??”. And now even the plaque has gone, cause I believe they have never logged in ever since😔. Those ppl obviously didn’t want raking through a pvp server. They wanted, as I believe, peacefully explore the game, and they have all rights to do so, as far as there are pve servers exist. And we have plenty of free spots to build on cause the average online 6-10 ppl some of whom never reach farther than the great river or whatever it’s called, which is the first location in the game. Sorry for my English guys.


play on a x10 server or something like that… Get a private server yourself. Play coop… But tbh even on an official (x2) pvp server you can rebuild in a couple of days if you are dedicated… Only problem is getting new named thralls. And if it’s because you are away you can log out somewhere hidden with a ton of build mats / thralls on you.

Or bring a laptop / your ps4 on vacation if it’s really that important

15 days was for the summer, when more people were logging off for vacation. If you need to log off for long periods of time, but refuse to clan up, insist you shouldn’t lose your stuff, and also don’t want the lag that cones from massive builds being refreshed, then go play offline. It’s perfectly fair and reasonable to expect that once a week you find 5 minutes to log in and refresh things.

That may be difficult if your vacation is abroad and/or w/o Internet-access.

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For PS4 users it was 2weeks since it was free on ps4+… so for many ps4 players 14-15days were normal.

All this buildings surrounding my main base have all long decayed, while it was 2 weeks. The trolls who walled one side. The other beautiful bases surrounding us… all gone.

Either I have luck on the PvE server I play or the majority is unlucky with theirs… and its not I am alone all the time. Yesterday I helped another Lvl60 and 2 kinda new people (47 and 35)…

One time a spanish clan build over a lemurian lorestone… but they also moved their base (gasfields in volcano now).

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The games nomal timer was 7 days.

If they never did 14days in the summer this wouldnt be a thread right now and everyone would be fine with a week decay. I been playing this game for over a year and never had a problem with timers.

Its everyone that joined during the 2week decay thats complaining the most. So instead of yall hoping on the server twice a month to save your precious digital items you have to do it 3-4 times i feel so bad for yall.

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