Server Cleanups

I’m not sure if this is here already, but during the Halloween updates I lost all my stuff. My building, my items, everything that wasn’t on me. I later found out it was because I was just over a week and after a week of not logging in, the server will wipe all of your stuff to keep it from getting over crowded. I understand the necessity of keeping the servers clean, but I had no idea it was as short as a week.

As a suggestion to prevent this from happening again to other people, maybe we can supply an email address (I play this game on my pc via steam) or some way to notify the player how much time they have until the server wipes their hard built homes and items. That way players like me are not only aware of the time line, but can decide to log on to keep their stuff.


I doubt that this could be implemented. There would simply too many decay timers to track and update.

(In my view it is part of the game for us the player to keep track of our own timers. But there are non-official ie private servers out there that have decay turned off.)

What I suggest is: use a repair hammer to check the maximum number of hours your different buildings have before decay timer starts … then use an electronic calendar to put an event/ appointment/ reminder (whatever works for you) either with or without an alert setting to track when each building/base is due to expire…then as you visit the base to either refresh the timer or spend time building it or bind to a bed for adventuring close to it then you can update the reminder to the new time.

Whilst the maximum time is 168 hours = 7 days (outside of times that Funcom increases it over holiday periods) … I do not want to risk logging in after the 168th hour has expired …which opens your base up to being demolished by other players… so I set my reminders at 6days so I know that I have a 24 hour grace period to log in for a five minutes to head to the appropriate base and refresh the timer…

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