Land claim adjustments required

So a proper siege tower building piece? They would have to add vertical aim as well, because as of right now height is the only way to adjust that. IE, build 40 foundations high to get on level with a pillar base.
Maybe a 1 hour timer. And make it something that aggros rival thralls and pets so they can try and “purge” it as a defense/counter measure.

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Yeah I guess adding additional ballast to a treb really only increases its range, huh? For the lollipop bases, I guess something more like a direct-fire ballista would be called for, but then at least that would give multiple strategic options for the siege base.

Might be cool to have one of those covered battering rams or even siege ladders — make those cauldrons with the boiling tar actually useful. And yes, I’d think it should absolutely draw aggro, which could be a clever tactic to decoy people’s thralls for a sneak attack.


I am sure I think I know what you are getting at, but I figured it’s a possible problem solution to the situation at hand if done right.

I love the land claim spammers. It gives me an enemy to attack. We have one clan that is (was) an ally but has been spamming altars all over the Wreck of the Wag tail and now there are resources that despawned. We warned them to remove them and now, their land claim is about to become rubble claim.

You get raided and attacked on our server when you’re abusive or intrusive to the map points…IE - Block off resources or bosses or attack any of our members.

Land claiming just to claim (IE errant foundations or altars) is how you get our attention. And our arsenal of weapons. lol

Don’t complain about land claims, adjust for them and make their land claim no more. It would be boring otherwise.


I claim land all over and I moderate it I leave a sign telling them to find me or PM and I’ll give them the land while keeping it fair amount of it and keeping massive expansion down. But I only managed to do this in the jungle and a guy named yog is all over the map spamming claims. Horrible really. But PvE have it harder than PvP.

I still believe that funcom does need to look in to this with regards to PvCE and PvE as its difficult to deal with this on there official servers, they should just adjust the decay time to have anything with out a bed or bed roll to decay within 24h maximum and make the bed expand the decay time with a radius of obviously 1-2 thousand blocks but what could help is everything doesn’t claim land except building blocks only. Or building walls etc.

Wouldn’t work, very easy to circumvent (at least on PC). A waste of time for all involved.

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Well, what’s easy on PC to go around isn’t the case with the PS4 or Xbox if Conan is on Xbox which I don’t know. But solving one system’s problems does go a long way to helping people or a idea to find a complete solution altogether.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen countless times even with just PvP and PvE on the same platform, the devs really don’t do separate balancing acts for PC vs. Consoles. So hoping for something that won’t be applicable universally might not be the best use of energy.

Also, the bed idea sounds like a non-starter. I have a bed in each of my outposts so that if I expect to be working out of one area for a time then I can re-home there easily. For folks who can afford to have a dozen maprooms across the world, what sort of limitation are beds?

Furthermore, even if they’re beds that are actively bound, that just gives a big advantage to huge clans that probably don’t need the help. I’m the player with the vast majority of the activity in my PvE clan, yet we’ve got at least 4 taverns, 3 highways, and several more public maprooms located throughout the world for anyone to make use of.

Your plan would mean we’d have to play selfishly and abandon virtually all of them except our main bases, and that is quite simply a non-starter for us and a lot of other players.


Even if I appreciate your intentions I think you’re missing the current way land claim works is also the best resource we have AGAINST trolls and land-claim spammers.

Because we can claim all important places of the map and make them free and enjoyable for all, just few example of what we (our clan and our allies) did on our official server:

  • building bridges (they conenct places AND they prevent with land claim possible blocks in the same places)

  • maprooms near the obelisks (land claim of this maprooms is preventing also blocking of the obelisks)

  • palaces around legendary bosses and their chests (3 goals here: prevent people to block boss spawn, because if they do you close the palace until they decay, 2 prevent peoples using the bosses to attack other clan’s pets/thralls, 3 prevent peoples to block access to a legendary boss).

That’s why current land claim system do not need to be changed (but sometimes debugged :wink: )

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I agree with the suggestion regarding resources, especially as certain locations have so little room to build in to begin with, and trying to figure out the effective limits on space, while still building what is needed, without accidentally defeating the purpose of building there in the first place, can be extremely frustrating.
Perhaps an option in server/world settings for separate claim radii would suffice, or maybe an option to have resources ignore land claim entirely, so long as they do not spawn within any building piece?
I understand this has minimal impact on claim spam, but it is an independent issue that should be addressed. That said, it could still help with resource griefing, requiring full fortifications for resource denial, while allowing resources to become strategic locations in conflict, as, imo, they well should be.


In its current form I think your insane, griefers can never be truly killed however I feel you don’t grasp the amount of land claim going on in my server between 1 or 2 people they have claimed the brimstone farming area the sulfur pools. Literally nothing was there. I have 3 over sized 2 man clans claiming everything and some how a guy named YOG massively claimed 3 huge areas Jungle, Mountains/Snow region and seriously just walked a lot of the damn desert, with the bed time increase to decay timer and only 24 hours on every base with out a bed or bed roll then add a 1 hour aspect must be in the base for 1 hour to reset time to a full 24 hours.

This whole concept is actually full proof once done and executed properly if a clan of 5 has 5 bases okay each of them will use up there bed rolls there beds making quick spawns harder. That and past 10 bases they have to sit around in every spot here after to reset 24 hours the simply fact is I keep a bed roll to respawning. A bed to have a designated respawn.

This would force the option base or faster respawn for PvP aspects incandescent tell you right now. YOG had over 10 bases how the hell he does I don’t know he’s spamming sandstone in massive amounts with nearly no logged on time he recently logged on and reset a timer by doing so and a base that was 120 hours left went back to 336 hours. That’s including every other base this… owns not to be rude but if he had only two things a bed roll and bed he could only maintain 2 not 10+ as a clan of one. This is very simplistic to understand. I don’t like coming off as a jerk but later tonight I’ll post a few pictures of some crazy crap and maybe you would realize what I am actually getting at because I sure as crap don’t explain this well.

I am not speaking of map rooms I believe this alone should have a separate decay timer all together and be set at no higher than 300 hours roughly 14 days or so. I believe that claiming land near obelisks on Offical servers should not be allowed period but with the use of maps I agree as a team called Pokey Pokey Mate has done this and I find traveling amazingly easy and fun. But when… you have jerks walling I swear to god over 40% of the desert in a straight vertical line with only a few doors obviously for them this bed rule would work obviously a lot of not building structures like standing torches need to have this removal of claiming land.

I believe the map should claim land I believe all most everything but the foundations should not have claim I can’t even lay down a campfire to cook and stay warm if someone has a land claim this alone is stupid concept. Again to a earlier post I will show a few pictures as what finally broke my back was the reptilian armor RESISTS COLD??? I HAVE A LIZARD SHE FALLS ASLEEP IN THE COLD!!! So seriously lizards are in the desert wonder why? Heat resistant. Whom ever is calling shots at funcom for the stat allotments of gear should be shot out of a cannon in to the sun maybe a fur armor suit that RESISTS heat would save them… so logically that all of this crap is over looked all of the poor judgment calls are what leads to a huge imbalance.

The lizard gear…God they even have lizards in the desert and jungle all heat biomes…yet they put COLD RESISTANCE ON IT??? I am sorry I need to sleep I’m losing my crap again. The lizard gear…:neutral_face::disappointed::cold_face:

I will try to follow up later with a more detailed explanation of what I have been considering and working out logically for the whole bed situation as I have had others in the server I am in agree and I believe if I properly explain it will be liked by you I’m sure.

" Lizards are cold-blooded, or ectothermic, which means they have no internal heating capabilities, so they must rely on heat from external sources. When winter comes, they are forced into hibernation. Lizards generally hibernate alone, but some species have been observed in group hibernation"

Simply Google it Funcom… SERIOUS who is making the decisions…

Yeah but you cannot (the game is unable to) distinguish between a structure made to place an open maproom or a stair to access obelisk (for example the Dredge obelisk is unusable until some players do a stairs) and a base.

I’m sorry the situation on your server is that.

But the first question it jumps on my mind is: where was all other players when this guy did all of this things ?

For example on our server there is a troll named Bee who’s using bosses to attack bases and loot the thralls defending them (or farming Keys is defences win against the boss).

Our solution was to 2 heigh wall all the bosses, so they continue to spawn, are accessible to all players to fight with them, but they can’t follow players pircing them with low dmg arrows around the map.

This solution will be unusable with your suggestion, but that’s not my point.

My point is another.

Bee did a way of sandstone foundations to prevent us from blocking one of the bosses, so I had to build a 2 heigh wall around all the area of Sandscour Pass to block him.

To build this little wall around an area not even so big I spent from 8 of the morning to 18 o’ clock of last saturday.

How many time used your YOG to do what he did ? Where was all other players and why they didn’t stop him ?

I’m sorry but my point is in certain servers that kind of things happens because players do not care about.
I assure you is easier to stop a wall maker than to build a wall.

The weapons in the arsenal of caring peoples are the same of the trolls.

You can take away those weapons, and you can think it’s okey it works… but it’s not.

First because people NEED infrastructures all around the map but no one will build them if they are limited in what they can build.

But the game is totally unable to distinguish what is what, and that “bed mechanincs” is pointless, because a normal way to play, like having an outpost near each obelisk and a wheel of pain outside each faction capital for a total of 12-16 outposts per clan will be impossible.with it.

Second building is one of the best joy in this game, and that is the base of our 2 active peoples clan.

With your suggestion if I am a troll I will not even build a true house, but a shelter like 2x2 full of chest and with a bed at min distance from a player base, than from that shelter I’ll begin to enwall it buring the clan alive in his own house until it decay and I’ll loot them (I play PvE-Conflict) before taking all things, destroying all and passing to do the same to the next base like a parasite.

Or I’ll doing the Bee’s tactics without other players being able to stop me, looting their thralls and killing their pets.

Your suggestion is designed just to punish one troll wich was totally stoppable is someone had the will to stop him.

But your suggestion would take away our weapons to take care of other trolls types and playing our game.


The “beds as a control device” does not sound like a good idea at all. It’s easy to circumvent for trolls, and does nothing except annoy legit builders or those who provide public infrastructure.

By all means explain it in detail, it’s possible you’ve found the holy grail of anti-trolling, but from what you’ve told of the idea so far, I doubt it.


I will be doing so later full details but how could trolls circumvent the idea.

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