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Northern Star Castle next door to New Asagarth.

I had long wanted to build a bastion fort, because it’s actually a pretty good design defense-wise (against NPCs, that is). Still missing some siege cauldrons and a few archers, but otherwise in a pretty good shape.

There’s an ugly gap in the stairs down to the map room, because for some reason the stairs would lose stability and break if I built them downwards from the raised platform even though my repair hammer showed good stability. Oh well, it’s a minor detail, and the gap is narrow enough for even a thrall not to get stuck, so I can live with it.)

(Built in single-player with 1x harvesting multiplier, and Funcom just increased the resource cost of black ice building pieces, too…)


My Turan Palace

And a link to more screen shots:



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I started this Khitan building today. It’s far from complete, but this is the first build I’m somewhat happy with, so I felt the urge to share. Forgive me.


I was commissioned to create an arena (with NPCs to teleport in and fight) as well as a common area for people to shop and explore. Deleted other post so I could add interior images of the homes, as well. This was all done in about 3 days with Admin privileges.

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20190522092855_1|690x388 !
Blacksmith and Armorer:
20190522092932_1|690x388 !
Arena Master’s House:
20190522093011_1|690x388 20190522093016_1 20190522093021_1 20190522093054_1 !
Apothecary and Alchemist Tower:
20190522093118_1|690x388 20190514020834_1 20190514020847_1 20190514020905_1


GoT is ended, and now….

Summer is coming !

Welcome to Brancaleone’s main base, home sweet home

The spa:

and its cafe:

the Harbor:

come on, go up the stairs:

…or take the elevator:

take a look around


want to see a nice duel in our personal arena ?


watch a good show in our theater ?


or relax in the gardens ?

Goin up to the treehouse will give you a better view anyway:

have you noticed the big sandstone tower ? what is it ? Our castle in the sky !

than enter the base:

inside of it: hall

main working room:

dining room:

Do you remember Morandi bridge ? We sadly never forget what it means for us…

a candle for each lost soul :cry:

Have you noticed every shot of the bridge here is better than the one I sended for the contest ? :sweat_smile:

the bridge in the game link our maproom tower to the elevator for iron nodes of tower of bats, here our maproom tower:

I hope you enjoyed the visit, we love you guys:


Bought the Turanian and Pict dlcs today and started goofing around with them to see how they look by replacing all the sandstone I had built up on my current save. The derketo shrine works so good with the Turanian set.

EDIT: For real, I love how the Derketo shrine looks with the Turanian set. Funcom’s art team is great and as an artist I feel nothing but hot, searing jealousy at their skill, lol.



Another day, another compulsion to start a new save in Conan in an attempt to build something even better. So far I just have the upper district which houses my modest abode (containing pretty much just a bed and artisan bench), the crafting area, and temple. I think I’ll put all my wheels of pain skirting along the temple base, give those layabouts something to look up to while I break them. Haven’t decided where I’ll put an animal pen, though.



It’s a work in progress at the moment, which should be further on than it is, but was stalled due to an issue with a section of the wall constantly breaking, so I kept needing to fix that. WIth that issue seemingly fixed by the version 1.43 update, phase 1 is officially complete. Screenshots 1 & 2 are the outer gates to the bridge fortress and screenshot 3 is currently the only building inside the fortress, which is the workshop. I plan to expand the main walled structure further, add more buildings and upgrade to T3 (more than likely Turanian pieces), it is currently at T2.


It’s getting there, but the platform for an animal pen takes so long to make. My crafting area now has a nice cover over it so the future craftsmen will literally have it made in the shade.

EDIT: It never ends.


how did you do to mesh stairs with elevated foundation ?

That is done courtesy of the wonderful Multigun and his LBPR - Overlaps Edition mod.


arf, a mod T_T he seem gorgious but look like i will still use shelf for that :confused:

Pleasure room I built

There’s supposed to be a dancer there but I gave my base away to another person on server so she now sees me as an enemy :frowning:

My base had one central tower and two wings as shown below:

It was definitely not finished and I had many plans for it but I got tired of building and farming the mats.

More photos of inside…

Entrance to “East Wing”, elevator shown leads to the vault room. The gates have been removed since the screenie, and replaced with elevator. I liked the screenie though, since it allowed me to take the shot from right outside.

Mini bar, with the staff tending the bar


Opposite mini bar

Two VIP rooms on each side, and smoking balcony forward

Smoking balcony and view from the balcony

View from “West Wing” (worker area) balcony

VIP rooms

Bathrooms for the clubbing youths (has “thrones” and other decorations inside. I can’t get in anymore)

Bedroom inside the main tower, has balcony right outside with chair, table, tea setting, journal, and nice view. Forgot to take screenie last night.

And when I removed the bracelet.


Since upgrading my structure from Stonebrick to Turanian pieces, I’ve done a massive overhaul, eliminating the walls and gates in favour of fences, but have yet to re-place all of the stations and placeables I had to move, hence why just the overhead view. The structures are as follows (from left to right);

  • 3-storey tower consisting of pool (ground floor), workshop (second floor) and Derketo shrine (top floor).
  • 2-storey house with multiple (currently undesignated) rooms and a walkway connecting to the tower’s second floor.
  • The “Breaking” room, a structure housing a Wheel of Pain and a Torturer’s Workbench.

Since I’m worried about the effect of the upcoming patch on complex bases, figured I should finally get around to photographing some of mine for the sake of posterity. First up is one of my newest: a small base at Mounds of the Dead. Not sure why the video is flickers, so if anyone has suggestions as to why, I’d be appreciative…

Unlike some of the huge bases I’ve built, lately I’ve been favoring the challenge of realizing smaller designs that still include all the necessities. They’re a lot easier to defend from the purge, load faster, and lag less. Really happy with how this one turned out, and it’s extremely convenient being so close to the Mounds obelisk.

As with most of my bases, I enjoy getting to mix several different building sets together to achieve more unique looks without the textures being overly repetitive. This one is comprised of Black Ice, Turanian, and Khitan.

Approach from the obelisk:

Public Maproom with radium torches marking the destinations:



Approach from Riversend:

No Wight People! Players can run across and into the Speakeasy, enemies can’t:

A dreaded fence foundation crossing a foundation. Such exploits, many glitches, wow!

Wheel, Vault, and Kitchen in the basement:

Fishing wharf out front:

Front facade, and view inside the veranda. Sure hope fence foundations overlapping door frames remains legal, or I’m hosed:

Entryway & Dining Room:

Smol crafting room, note the trapdoor into the vault which comes out behind the speakeasy. The fireplace actually sits atop the vault where I removed a ceiling tile. It’s shallow enough that you don’t get stuck when running across:

The Conservatory, really proud of the roof here:

Alis’ Lion Throne overlooking the Conservatory:

Cosy bedroom, with an homage to The Witcher:

Raised sitting room above the front entryway. you can run out and onto the roof:

Rooftop with T4 defenders in case of the now common on-base purges:


I really need to find a blacksmith so these iron reinforcements go faster. Upgrading these pieces has been torture.


You can find some in the Black Galleon