YOu delete all my fondation around my base, and now this

Yo Funcom, you delete all my fondation to don’t let people build around my base, and watch out now wtf ppl did ? Fix this, Official server 1126, you guys make me crazy

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Looks like someone really didn’t want you building there.

You on PVP or pve

pvp server, yes we are in war, but they abuse the fact that all my fondation to safe my base from trebuchet get destroy by Funcom, and now impossible to me to destroy everything I have no ORS, no JARS…
I want them to take immidate action.
Im a huge player of the game, just finish my base, and now, gonna get rekt every night because i can’t destroy there base

You aren’t meant to prevent people from being able to build a treb within visual range of your walls. Build towers instead, stock them with archers. Force them to work their way in towards your main keep. Foundation spamming is cancer.


it cost less ressources to build tower than fundation, and yes i’ll do that if i survive, now i can’t do anything i have to jar, no orbs, nothing, i was working and come back from work with that, this is abuse and i just want to stop the game now. no DLC paid for me

If you can’t accept rules and use cancer tricks toprevent player playing normaly, yes stop the game, or go to pve…It’s a normal way to attack with trebuchet, and normal design of the game…it’s you prevent them to do that with spamming fondations…it’s like cheat.


what you don’t understand is the fact that Funcom release a patch and I had to play just after the patch to prevent ppl doing that, the fact that I couldnt play jsut after the release allow ppl to do that, you understand ? THis is ridiculous

what’s ridiculous is your foundation spamming. Sorry you’re not getting the sympathy your thought you’d garner for trying to game the system, but foundation spam not only disallows building, but also stops resource spawns, AND adds to server instability. You don’t like people building near you? Set up your own trebs, stock up on ammo and knock down anything that springs up near your base. Actually play the game instead of trying to stop others from playing it.


Foundation spamming is not an intended element of the game play, it is something that griefers came up with to unnecessarily claim land to stop people building in places or to starve players of resources. I can see why you might want to spam foundations, but instead try building a perimeter wall which is connected to your base. Puts some anti climb on it, maybe some archers as well… you could do this as far out as you like, adding more layers to make it harder for people to raid you.


Just to clarify, building a perimeter wall will have the same effect on land claim, and still force them to build a treb further a way or jar/orb your wall (landclaim). This will just cost you a crap ton more materials and will take a hell of a lot longer to build, and now that they have landclaimed you won’t be able to do it :wink:

In terms of “server stability” you will probably end up placing more blocks building a 5 or so high wall around your base then you would if you spammed some pillars, and you will still prevent resources from spawning in that area if there were any nodes. :man_shrugging:

Basically what I am saying is “landclaim” vs “build a wall” the wall is actually worse based of the issues they stated above.

In terms of actual griefers deliberately blocking nodes with no base in sight that’s different, but the land claim you are trying to achieve I personally believe is fine as they can just wipe some tiles on the ground just like they would wipe a wall. There isn’t really any difference.

So this is how famous

any building with 6 or less pieces will go into abandoned state after 1 hour. And then completely decay and be destroyed after 10 minutes in abandoned.

works :rofl: Instead of littering the map with random t3 columns we will now see a network of “bunkers”. :sunglasses:

It increases the cost of “griefing” if you want to call it that, but unless you remove land claim as a mechanic you will always have issues over territory.

Building a perimeter wall will also make it harder for raiders to get in as well. You can walk past claim blocks but a wall (if built right) will have to break through first.

Ultimately every base is going to be raidable, and spamming blocks everywhere shouldn’t be the way to stop people. In a conventional sense how should that stop raiders, its just taking advantage of the land claim mechanics.

If people are really that bothered about being raided then maybe the pve conflict server is a better option.

Looking at the photo above, a few bombs and orbs would have done the trick anyway, either to straight up attack the base or you just have to blow up some of the spammed blocks. Personally I think block spamming is exploiting a game mechanic.

I mean whether he finishes the wall or not, he is still claiming the exact same amount of land.

In this case would he be exploiting if he started his wall but only had enough materials partially finish it? Bearing in mind that as long as he has the bottom layer of the wall down his land claim is the same.

when people land claim by spamming foundations, it often goes beyond just around their base, it usually goes all over the place. It is then exploited further when massive areas of the map are claimed. So you can really have the minor instances where the odd block is placed here or there without someone doing the extreme and spamming large areas of the map.

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