Foundation spammers

I usually join official servers just to find foundations from the desert up to the frozen north where the same two clans are building pretty much everything and blocking most spawns … managed to get up north where i couldn’t see a tree because foundations and giant square bases are all over the place … i know thats pvp and all … but it makes the game unenjoyable and the map pretty bare .
Wish clans had to stick to one place so sieges where localized and spawns such the brimstone springs could not be built upon … i’m being simplistic because i’m sure you people know how the game and the map can get …
And to be honest i got a friend to buy the game and i don’t know if i should have … because a official server in this state is so very offputting.


I know it’s not the optimal answer, but it’s still a good one.

Join a different server, that is PvE, and that is not packed with players.

PvP servers are more likely to spam foundations because of the siege weapon issue.

PvE-C servers are likely to have wall wars, because people gank each other but can’t destroy each others stuff. = Hostile players, with no remedy except walls.

Busy servers of any kind will be crowded, and dramatic (inevitably).

Quieter servers have much less drama, less “rage” walls, and more resources.

I know it’s not the right answer, but it works.

Mid-Low Population PvE Server = Enjoyable Game. Less Lag. More Resources. Less Drama.


If funcom increased Claim size of a base to expand to the point people cannot jump in or on your base from a tower built close to your base the land claims wouldnt be necessary

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but funcom doesnt care they dont care about you they dont care about you complaints they dont care about cheaters they dont care about griefing they dontt care about harassment, tencents board of directors might though but Funcom doesnt give a mother Fck


Thanks i will try to find one of those … because a lot of my friend’s first impression of the game will come from the first server he plays in … and that might balance the odds of him having a good experience

pvp = free for all, foundations pamer, hacks ddos you name they do it
pve-c we cant break other people houses so we wall them up, trolls use the ■■■■■■ ai to lure them into spikes or to world bosses, or use horizontal elevators rope to make land claim inside your base
pve = is the most peacefull version, simcity style, and usually servers are empty


What people don’t simply understand is that they don’t have to invest time in destroyed servers. They have to log out from this server and never come back. If the trollers stay alone in this server, they’ll got bored and leave the server. This is the greatest punishment for the toxic players and maybe, a lesson for their play style, but this is very optimistic :joy::joy::joy:, because i don’t think they have so much brains to understand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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1590 has been infected by a clan that only wants to kill the server. Had a full server when I joined and now it is only 1 or 2 people that are not the clan destroying the server.

They blocked off brimestone lake and filled it with a million beehives, so you can’t blow up anything because of the horrible lag around the lake. Then they foundation spammed all over the map with endless foundations that where most likely duped. Blocked Obelisk and raided newbies with sandstone huts.

I feel sorry for the people that feel the need to force people to quit a server and get pleasure out of it. Have to be a real miserable person to have this type of “gameplay” be enjoyable.


I think, some of them thou. Are pretty much doing it to own the server. Why pay the GPortals insane prices, when you can wall spam a live server that you can your friends can take over.

Anyone silly enough to stay, gets own’d.

And some people have nothing better to do then log in each week to be a ***hat.

I really wish they would adjust it… way back then, Flag idea was pretty sound, allowed multi-building, while no need for spider-webs and road ways across map.
If it hasnt happen by now, I doubt it will.

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Additionally, PVE servers are less likely to have continuing issues. The personalities that enjoy taunting and blocking and bullying lose interest when folks are, mostly, unaffected by their tactics. I’ve had several players / clan spam build near my main base. But it’s established and the map is large, so I wait for them to lose interest and pop their bases the first time they go into a decay state.

Alternately, on the server I play, it’s an incredibly collaborative community with players trading resources and helping out new folks so the game is more enjoyable.

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You guys are all welcome to play on my PC server darksun. PVP with no building damage the only rule I enforce is no spam building or boxing things in. No lag kill whoever you want do whatever you want no rules other than boxing people.

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