Foundation spamming official pvp

We are at war with a tribe of 10 french guys, I suspect they are kids judging by the way they behave, never want to fight, always run abusing the stamina glitch, trashtalking in broken english in PM’s.

We wanted to raid them soon but now they came to our base and started spamming foundations all around our walls and everywhere they could, we couldn’t catch them due to the stamina glitch and they just kept placing and spamming, really close to our walls so now we can’t even expand, dev’s won’t do anything about it.

So my question is, is this it? Are we, a tribe of 9 mature grinding people who are actually decent at the game going to get annoyed of our server after days of grinding and building up by some french kids who do something completely immersion and game breaking? We could have such a nice and fun war and then this stuff happens, I sincerely hope something can be done about this.


I feel for you it’s just like ark and rust all over again, thats why i paid for a server and running PvE im constructing a working village without cheating even thou im admin, devs wont do anything about it as i dont think they are breaking any rules, its such a shame that people will do these things, but hey this is the internet and its open world so anything goes i guess

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This problem can be easily resolved. First smash their base. Second take all their things. Third enjoy a refreshing beverage while they rage quit server.


Yeah “everything it takes to win” right. But where is the fun in that? The combat is fun , we both have a big tribe to have sick fights with, they are just not that good and then they resort to this lame stuff… it has nothing to do with the game at all, its not a legit war strategy. Its so lame

If things go south on official we are definitely going unofficial. I would’ve thought these devs would be better then wildcard because they made such a great game

Thats what we’re doing tonight, problem is they have a massive cliff base so it’s going to be a tough one

The tough ones are the fun ones. A treb tower always surprises cliff dwellers. Good luck exile!

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the game right now as it stands is made for greifing, its easier to troll and run then it is to fight. we got problems with french kids as well. they are 100% exploiting, and with the current bugs in the game like 150 hour decay timers on a sandstone foundation we have to do 20x the work in order to get rid of one foundation.

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Bases on the rocks are easily destroyed by the god Yogi, he is weak but it will hurt, the developers have not yet added damage to the gods, but the Yogi is currently one of the strongest. Try it. Still there is a variant with a
trebuchet, but only if they do not have a dome. Or climb to the base, I’m sure that there is an opportunity.

Developers have removed the damage from weapons on buildings, it is now difficult to deal with such spammers. But always, you have to block your territory from the very beginning as you begin to build.

We’re going tonight and keeping all the suggestions in mind, might post a video of it so you can all see how it went. I really hope they go away, dont get where the fun is in spamming buildables in such a game


Also, it’s the first time me and my tribe ever played conan on official so we don’t know all the tricks yet. We all come from the garbage game called ark and this is so much better. Just hope the dev’s stay consistent with patches and updates.

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What did you folks think?
Pandora’s Box has been opened.

Conquer or be conquered.
From the sounds of it, they’re winning.

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Spamming foundations to limit expansion is conquering?

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Ugh, I feel you on this. I joined an official server on Launch (previously, we had a private server) - and these guys kept spamming foundation near my base and along the river with NO intention to build. So, a few of my friends got our own server and it’s been good. We closely monitor it and watch out for foundation spammers and people who block major pathways, etc. But besides that, I don’t ever use the Admin mode except for Flying/watching for spammers, etc. We figured if we do get a spammer/troll, we’ll just kick/ban and make our server private - and just tell our current server community the pw.

Coming from Ark we took the necessary preparations for this and have all around our base already spammed with our own foundations. Helps protect from people setting up trebuchets too.

we got a tribe on a server who has like a 1/5 of the map chocked off nothing can spawn around. they are now starting to foundation around other peoples base. some how they are maxing out timers within moment of placing them. we find a new area and see them placing them run up and it be 145 hour timers.

It is really a stupid, infantile way of doing it.
Those infantile minds don’t know what it means to play by the rules. They just play it “their way”.

Foundation claiming needs to work very differently from how it does now. The radius of the claim should be in proportion to the size of the building, not a static radius for any foundations at all.

A single foundation should not extend claim radius. A large base should extend a vast claim radius.

Claim radius should also be more separate from resource block radius. Claiming should go much further than the resource block radius.

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Trebuchet can be your friend. Ammo is cheap. Destroy their blocks and replace them with yours.

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What ever happened to:
Crush your enemies.
See them driven before you,
and hear the lamentation of the women. ?

I never saw Conan with more than a few compatriots and even when he was a pirate, he often subverted the orders of the captain for his own means.

To me, an alpha clan is just another enemy to destroy. Conan did it to Thulsa’s cult of Set.