This here, can anyone answer?

So this crap is happening daily on server #4107. I have posted a little bit about it. I and others have voiced concerns and frustrations thru emails to Funcom, DM’s to moderators here, Twitter and Facebook. Our base has been established for a few weeks now and this guy somehow keeps bringing foundations (some as close to touching our existing structure) not only to our base but other players as we’ll. He has most villages surrounded by foundations, world boss spawns blocked off, travel paths blocked off and teleport lbs blocked. We have tried and tried for a few weeks now to get anyone to shiw their face here and do something. No one has even acknowledge this. We have met many players who have quit after just a few days because of this jerk. This here is going to be the reason we quit and you’ll never see us support Funcom in any way, shape or form.! PS_Messages_20190428_060438|690x388

Is this pve? Im not sure if funcom will even bother about this one almost all pve server have this kind of people.

Yeah, PvE Conflict

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and this is why you play on private ervers where there are moderators and admins that will actually kick people like this :slight_smile:


The truly infuriating thing is if your own land claim overlaps with theirs, it somehow refreshes their decay as well.

I’ve had this happen to me too once. I had to wait 6 months for the jackass to leave, only to have to recede my own territory to not have my crap overlap with his so it’d naturally decay.

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Making a thread on these forums is the best way to report any issues. Note they do not support through e-mails anymore.

Yes its not the first post about this, its one new every week and still no respons from Jens or anyone ells on Funcom!

Maybe @Ignasi could move this one to the Trello board.

Perhaps new official test servers that implement new experimental features like “elected volunteer moderators” will lead us closer to a solution.

See how it goes. Put it to the science, and not endless discussions about it that go in circles all day.

This data and the telemetry attached to that can be sold to other multiplayer services and social research intitutes.

CE is a unique but relevant anthropological test case.

The case to be tested: “How hard will an ideologically inclined person work to project his justice onto a system that won’t benefit him at all?”

i.e. The volunteer, once elected, will lose everything, and won’t be allowed to play on that server, but will receive recognition and featured on the community website with an interview and his opinions on society.

Second test case: "How would a person be influenced as an admin with a “vote of no confidence” opportunity once a week?


These are society changing experiments.

Hell, Funcom could even get a research grant from the Norwegian government or the EU if they pitch it right. Just imagine the media buzz and exposure.

And this sort of crazy dreaming isn’t just a pipe-dream either. Star Citizen are creating tech they can patent and license to other companies during development to keep their crazy expenditures sustainable.

Help others help you. Stop fighting this fight alone.


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