A warning to the players on my serever

That is the public server I am on. There are far too many players obnoxiously abusing the land claim system. So I will be reporting each and every one; which is a few dozen.

Got foundation stones running up and down the beach? :scroll:
Think you can get a way with surrounding your base with fancy laid out foundations? :scroll:
Base so big I can’t ever get the entire thing to render in? :scroll:
Leveled a peak with 150 foundation stones stacked 15 high? :scroll:
Your well light petting zoo drags my fps down to 10? :scroll:

I am fed up with these obnoxiously blatant TOS violations, and if I have to report them each and every day till they are gone I will.

There’s your warning, Funcom wont give you one.



I hate zoo keepers as well but, if they are only lowering the fps, and is not giant, or scathered around abusing land claim, may its not a reasonable reason for a disciplinary action. Every base i aprouch lowers my fps do 10-20 because i have a very humble hardware, and as FC told in the discussion regards ToS the size of the base is no much relevant since its not abusive and the area is functional and not decorative, not covering resources, or blocking content. Regarding the foundation spam you are right, regarding the rendering issues it is subjective. As you brought it to community eyes some screen shots with no names would throw light over the matter.

I the past i was reported by a white knight now this same guy has a bigger base with various satellite builds he puts around to people not build near him. And is not an active player anymore just a refresher.

I understand your feeling, man. I left public servers because the amount of blantant claim spam was too much to keep up with. Myself and 4 other players got fed up one day and spent our play sessions each sending in tickets to the most egregious foundation chain offenders on our pve server yet it only made a dent for short time. I’m now on my own server.

I do miss all the fun I had with many strangers over the years, but the abandoned mega bases and Great Walls of Hyborias ruined my, and many other players, enjoyment of public pve.

In all honesty though, once your play session is spent mostly filing reports, the game ceases to be fun. And to anyone who wants to run in here and say “have you tried talking to them!?”… obviously. Truth is, it’s a hit or miss what reaction you’ll get from people. Either they do not respond to your many attempts to make contact, or they respond and get defensive immediately and will not change their build and often will hit back with “well, if i get my base wiped i know it was you who reported me” and then a revenge war starts all because the claim spammer was too egotistical to control himself on a shared public map with limited space for hundreds of players.

I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 people in the 4 years i played be reasonable and say they did not realize their build had gotten out of hand and they let me help them remodel their base. 9/10 people act like a targeted victim when called out on their build spanning 2 square grids.

Sorry if I came across like a Debbie downer, dude. But seeing this post reminded me of how much fun and how many friendships I’ve lost over having to choose a new playstyle over this nonsense. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

Before i sign off, i just want to take a minute to throw out a thank you to all the pvers that do make large but controlled bases that do not interfere with the other players on your server.


Oh I’ll admit my GPU is a bit out dated, but I’ve balanced my setting out to average 70fps. In the jungle area it runs 100apx. There is a base close to the sink hole that will drop my fps to 30ish if I cut through it. I think it’s way much, over built, covers too much area, BUT I’m a conservative builder and it is tolerable. I’m not sure what other yard stick to measure by as Funcom just handed me a broken off branch.

The issue with the petting zoo; beyond my lacking of seeing a point, is; from my understanding, they are server heavy. Are pets in a tamer counted as thralls? When I see a dozen full T3 tamers I have to wonder. If they’re not, why not? Don’t they have the same weight on the server whether they are in a tamer or placed?

None the less today i need to do a reset of benches on the privet server I have my compound on, so…

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Not being a smart @$$ (much anyways) and totally agree with all your points but wouldn’t you need to put out the server number for a proper warning? It’s like me whispering to a robber downstairs that I am armed and ready with my 9mm and coming down to shoot anything moving. While technically provided a warning, it’s delivery was done with the desired outcome of them ignoring it so that I can maximize my damage on them.


Perhaps due to name and shame not being allowed on Forum @erjoh

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Of course he could have mentioned the server. @erjoh

Don’t waste your time
Report them all


I’m just done questioning if I should or not. There is no good reason to ring an island with foundation stones.


Isn’t a warning.

Kinda smacks of virtue signalling.

Also, how do any of the members of the forum know this guy outside of here?

Hope all the reports get ignored like usual.


Because I am Deacon every where.

Luv ya 2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m just fed up with it, not just the mega builds, or Funcoms typical inaction, but the it seems mega builds are just a PVE meta; did I use the term right?

For every “dude, that’s sweet” I trip over 3 "are you Fn kidding me"s. Nothing like finding a foundation stone and following a path of them to a Miata in a blip hanger.

And I’m not letting Funcom off for this. The last thing that brought my GPU to it’s knees was a forest of those little trees from the battle pass. Once again, Funcom is going to do something no sorcerer or king has every managed to do, kill Conan. They’re going to drown him in content. :grin:

Maybe. There’s other Deacon’s too. Most players don’t visit the forums man.

I know you’re fed up. But there are some things you can do to mitigate it without negatively impacting the rest.

Of course talk to them, I’m guessing you already did that. Good.
Upgrade your rig. You’ve communicated more than once it is not up to par.
Stop looking for reasons to be angry. I know, sounds accusatory but honestly, as with the ideal that the game is shared on officials, just because it might look wrong to you doesn’t mean it is.
Find a different server.
Wait for that shit to decay.
Go to a private (eww).
Play singleplayer where the world is yours and yours alone.
Stop playing pve and take care of the issue yourself on pvp - this is what I do. You’ve said you don’t want to pvp but man it sounds like it would be a perfect outlet for you. See a build blocking something? Bomb it. See a humongous base? God it. Too many teleporters? Go through each and bomb them.

I facetiously said I hope they ignore it because you have complained in the past they take too long or don’t action. Maybe it is because Zendesk is clogged up with unnecessary reports… or wait, maybe they’re not actionable?

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Yeah… I’m not a fan of a modern trend of when people do something that imposes on people, and the people imposed on have to walk on eggshells or risk being tarred as the troublemaker…

Report a problem and let the judge/jury decide… it’s all you can really do.

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Of course talk to them, I’m guessing you already did that. Nope, I assume if a person can be reasoned with they have enough sense to not build mega.
Upgrade your rig. A fixed income usually means being broke. And getting broker every day.
Stop looking for reasons to be angry. I really don’t need to look for them, I can’t play with out getting slapped in the face by them.
Just because it might look wrong to you doesn’t mean it is. Unless it’s obnoxiously blatant, which is what I am reporting.
Find a different server. But are they really different?
Wait for that shit to decay. If only. But then that is Funcoms take. “Sorry took so long, we been busy, hope the issue solved it’s self, byee” :unamused:
Go to a private (eww). Have, good people, typical private server issues.
Play singleplayer where the world is yours and yours alone. Naa, inevitably I end up abusing the admin system and it stops being fun.
Stop playing pve and take care of the issue yourself on pvp - this is what I do. The only thing more toxic then a Battle Royal is a PVP survival server.

Now back to the vendetta { why is there no guy fawkes emote? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: }

Talking to them might actually have results. It has in the past for me and others I know of. You already know Funcom’s track record with communication and the issues with informing the players of the ToC. This could actually help newer and less informed players of the ToC and what their responsibilities are. You would be the good guy in all of this.

I hear you about fixed income. I’ve been there. Unfortunately the rest of the players shouldn’t have to make up for it. I’ll say this as nicely as I can - this is a you problem, not a them or Funcom problem. This would solve a lot of your issues with performance. So as long as you can’t help that, and I get how frustrating that can be, you need to deal.

PvE has been plagued with large, performance intensive bases for years. I’m not saying these issues you’ve laid out are not a problem, sometimes, probably often enough they are. You have to ask yourself why go to PvE? They want to experience the game and have the freedom to build and make it look nice. This is a problem that Funcom created and the status quo on those servers. Accepting it as it is is probably the best way to move forward.

I agree with you about private servers. They’re a mixed bag of issues and a huge reason why I don’t go on them. But at least it is an option. Are you experiencing the same problems on those private servers as you do on officials? If no, then it is a combo of your rig and the terrible gportal servers that Funcom has made a deal with.

Any mode can be toxic. It depends on your mentality and outlook. You don’t have to participate in toxicity and there are ways to avoid being raided regularly that are completely legit. If you ever do consider it and have never played PvP you can message me for some tips: how to get started and what to know.

That in and of it’s self is the problem. Being on a public server does not give you the freedom to build.


As you can see I disagree.

Actually the private server is a server issue; or should I say how Conan is running on said server with mods, and not a Gportal server.

PVP makes ME a worse person. I was on a private server for a bit that was PVE-C. Weekend open world was tag. You couldn’t raid but you could loot players bodies. Was actually fun, and the time the most players were on.

I was on earlier today, and despite the vendetta thing I’m not going hunting for TOS violators. I was running around, found some one had made a some what traitorous path an easy run. They didn’t us any excess foundations, just what was needed for infrastructure. It was wide open to all, and built to not drag on a GPU. As in being a courteous builder. No where was a path blocked, a flaming torch, many thralls, or pets. No spawns were blocked other then raw mats; stone plant fiber. I ran at a consistent 80fps{±5} through out.