Buccaneers bay <<OP BUILD LOCATION>>, needs a change!

All the players know when people spam the whole sector around the boat, it prevents people from placing things on the beach if properly spammed/claimed…how about funcom changes this…
the best location on the map, from mountain sides you can place trebs just cant see the corner thats most used for building bases and closer you cant place trebs, would be nice if trebs were as bombs placeable everywhere but they are only on your own foundations and buildings, not other players…

would be nice if funcom would fix this part of the map!!

Actually, I’d go a different direction: Make it so that Trebs ignore land claims. Foundation spamming only works if it stops Treb construction.


yes but the last two parts of the treb cost so long to fabricate,and if the clan is active you wont be able to use it anyway


If you start building the treb an hour before PvP starts, the other clan won’t be able to stop you from building it (although they might blow it up as soon as they’re able to).

Land claiming to stop treb building is a nasty thing, but allowing trebs to be built in enemy claimed territory would mean no one would actually use trebs. They would just spam siege foundations just next to (or even on top of) enemy bases to prevent them from expanding. Siege warfare is a cool idea, but it definitely needs to be revised. More HP/armor on trebs would be cool, but it would probably entail other problems. Mobile siege weapons, Age of Empires-style, would be cool too and might solve the land claim problem, but if they got destroyed you would need to go back to your base and bring another one all the way back, instead of placing another siege foundation and start building again.

So far, the system is imperfect, but it seems to be definitely better than any alternative that isn’t very carefully considered.

That’s the key: the defending clan needs to be active. If they are, they deserve to be able to defend their base from trebuchets. But passive “defenses” such as sandstone foundation snakes are just a silly mechanic.


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