Before Your Nerf Foundations

Good Day again everyone! Today, I’d like to post my perspective on building blocks in Conan & why there are so many being littered around the map on official pvp. It is true (again, especially on pvp) that players on the server tend to spam foundation blocks & create huge bases over the map.

Is this because they want to be arse holes & block resources? Possibly.

Is it because they’re bored & have nothing else better to do? Probably.

In the case that it’s not those two, then what on earth could it possibly be? Today we’re going to take a deeper dive into what makes people go Bob the builder 👷‍♂️ on CE.

For those of you who may not know, I’m beerus317 on psn. I have been playing Conan for over 3 years & have mostly spent my time on pvp (fighting on or hosting the) servers. I asked random people (on different servers) whom had an immeasurable amount of building mats placed in the world “what your reasoning?” The answers may or may not shock you.

  1. They don’t wanna get treb’d. The trebuchet, although time consuming to set up, is an easy, reliable & cheap way to raid bases early on & get the loot. Later in the game, players have access to more powerful demon-fire barrages that bypasses the protection of God bubbles kills that wimp on the other side of the wall with a repair hammer repairing 90k (roughly 12 bombs) worth of damage in 2 or 3 whacks. This makes the trebuchet a very formidable weapon against base squatters.

  2. To counter horse pvp :racehorse:. It’s no secret that horses are the bane of any skilled melee combatant. The time of melee combat is becoming more & more a thing of past with each new addition to Conan. Especially the new siptah map. There’s entirety too much open terrain. If you don’t have a mount on that map, it won’t be long before you get jousted. To counter act the viability of horses in pvp, players have decided to create their own uneven terrain by placing blocks down.

Possible solutions to the foundation spam issue:

  • Allow the trebuchet & other siege equipment to be place able on claimed land similar to how bombs are.

  • reduce land claim radius

*make the no build zones (& the paths to them) automatically destroy placed building mats. (Brimstone, dungeon entrances, noob river & etc.)

This is my take on the entire situation & I hope this is a good post to read. Thanks for reading if you did!


Possibly? 99% chance that the answer is a big yes.

Probably? The answer again is a big yes.

Then they should go to pve, coop or their own private server. People like me that was full pvp stop playing in PVP official servers because the foundations spam. I don’t complain anymore because I’m happy playing single player mode now.

I agree, but also keep banning griefers too because there are rules about it. There’s no excuse to that kind of behaviour when Funcom is not going to make wipes in official servers. New players (I’m not referring to myself cuz I will never come back to pvp) deserve a chance to fight back and enjoy PVP as veterans does.

Good post. Keep it up.

Here’s the issue. None of your suggestions help with any possible reason Funcom may (likely) consider building restrictions.

A 5000 piece building build in a 10x20 space takes as much resources as one taking up a 40x50 space. And regardless to the situation of space, defense, or any other player concern either PVP or PVE, server performance will come first.

If you want to see if your server requires this. Login and use the ToggleDebugHUD console command. If the server FPS lists as less than 30, when there is less than 25 players online. Then building limits are needed on that server.

Thankfully, private servers have been able to tell how many building pieces individuals and clans are using. We’ve also had building limits for just as long. Mods give us these tools and we’re able to rely that information to Funcom. They have a good idea on where the limits should be.

I will say this, unless they use a very liberal limit, you all are going to utterly hate the limits that will eventually be imposed. Just as an example, healthy private servers usually put a limit between 250-750 building pieces per player in a clan (solo players count as a clan of 1).

I doubt Funcom would ever go that strict, but its a good benchmark on what is needed for limits. And yeah I get it, some of you are going to say they’d need to rebalance this or that, hp of doors, hp of this and dmg of explosives and whatever. Hold your horses with that. We’d have to see what limits they have in mind and implement them before we know how far to adjust all that.

Likely the limits would be a server setting like thrall limits.

But the real fix to foundation spam is a building piece limit. It will mitigate the spam, as well as help server performance across the board.

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I like your argument and you are absolutely right. Private servers with limited foundations should be the starting point for Funcom to develop a solution.

While i hate land spam, and it needs to be dealt with, as it lags the game and server, and the endless problems it does.
Il take a treb next to my base any day. less time for me running to your treb that is a mile away. Now what would be interesting, is if they made 2 different walls, one that has high Def to Trebs and the other high def to arrows/bombs.
and make foundations RETARDLY expensive to place. If they dont add a tax that is.

While this was a problem once upon a time, horse combat isnt that big of a deal anymore. infact if youre on a horse and im on the ground and you didnt surprise hit me. You will die, and the horse will not like its short lived life.
It is very easy to counter horses now. as a ground combatant. 5times easier if you carry 1-3 palisades.

If the Server can track what players have in terms of buildings and total Territory occupied, then FunCom can institute soft limits by having a system of growing Crisis that automagically befalls on players who exceed reasonable limits.

This system can be turned off on private servers and maybe PvE servers, but it’s pretty important for PvP and to a certain extent PvE-C servers.

I call it “Affront to the Gods”

When a player has claimed a certain minimum of territory/building block allotment (Clans are judged based on player roster total) then each God will start to build up “resentment” with that Player or Clan. The more they exceed this, the faster they build up resentment with each individual Deity. As long as they worship Deities, they can actively reduce this Resentment… but each Deity has their own Resentment stat. When the Resentment Stat is full, it will trigger (Possibly at a set time each day/week) an Avatar Call Down on their territory where building blocks/elements are most concentrated… or Deities may target your territory based on their own tastes/eccentricities when they hit their fill of your boldness.

Crom, of course, has no Avatar, nor a Temple… so he expresses his Stoic Wrath with a Meteor Shower, which has the silver lining of leaving Meteors behind after the destructive event. If you want to avoid this, don’t exceed the limits of his patience by keeping your territory and buildings reasonable.

In this system people can still do the obnoxious building habits, but now it is tempered with the reality that consequences will follow irresponsible construction.

I wasn’t so sure if requesting building limits would be accepted or not amongst the player base so I opted out of adding that to the list but I agree 1000%

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