Large foundation grid on the island of siptah

Why on the island of siptah it is allowed to build two squares of the map and block absolutely everything to protect against catapults. Make it possible to place catapults on other people’s blocks or speed up the destruction of large buildings. Otherwise, this global construction will kill the game.

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Exactly right… this has been an issue for years… and for some reason nothing is done about it… so basically I dont think they have any intention of fixing it… basically people can grief by land claiming and block off areas without any consequences…

Reporting feature doesnt work my ticket is going on 5 months and it has only gotten worse on my server with no response to it after submitting a video of everything they have blocked… dungeons and obelisks included

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Perhaps instead of a thrall cap they should consider a foundation piece cap.

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Yes, it would be nice. Give the clan leader a building token 50 * 50

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Considered and rejected.

Getting the cap low enough to prevent griefing would royally screw over the builders and limit everyone to small huts. Anything higher than that would leave plenty of room to spam foundation pieces, wall off resources or locations, etc.


The only fix I think is viable right now is that Funcom buff or make special purges against those that abuse spamming foundations. A massive purge that spawn around the Griefers’ base to clean up all the mess they did, making it impossible for those who claimed too much terrain to defend their base.

Some kind of algorithm would have to be applied to identify those who have abused the construction system on official servers.

With this possible solution it would not be necessary a foundation piece cap.


But there is nothing stopping any player from catapaulting the blocking pieces from outside the ‘owned’ zone and then moving in closer - this is in the core game and allowed. It is obviously not nice when players do this, but it’s sometimes the only way to protect a base on Official from being raided too easily.

(players can always look at private PvP servers that have Admins who check that stuff)

I think it was in another thread, but I saw a suggestion I kind of liked involving allowing players to put trebuchets much closer to other player’s buildings. Or even removing the limit entirely so you could just plop it down right on top of those spammed foundations. This combined with their already considerable range would at the very least eliminate the excuse that people are doing it as an anti-siege measure.

I would have to think about it some more before putting any real support behind the idea though. For the moment it’s just an idea that looked good to me on the pamphlet.

It is a highly viable option to limit building… there are so many things at play that make it viable…

The thing is builders have had literally years to build with no consequences…they have littered the officials with land spam and land claim simply to block people…

So forgive me but I think the builders who enjoy doing this type of stuff have had there fill…perhaps now the people who want a fair and more organized version of land claim should get a say…

Limit building to 5k pieces… minusing crafting stations just building pieces (this is an example)

if you have a clan just like thralls up the amount of pieces you can have per member say1k-2k a member…

sure they can still block stuff but it wont be no where near what it is now… and there will always be ways around things but lets be real here… nothing has been done for years… I think its time we try something new now… instead of saying well dangit it wont work so lets not do it lets just keep the griefers here doing the same ole thing by not changing anything…

I understand people want the freedom to build but my gosh do you have a right to block me out of dungeons and obelisks and blocking off a whole half of the map?

Also someone said building flags… perfect idea… within that flags radius you can build as much as you want… each person gets a flag… the flag cant be destroyed its simply there to show your building radius… maybe make different flags for different shapes… a circle area… square area… rectangular area… just something to limit the area in which you can build…

Now I know nothing I say here will be done… the devs dont comment on posts like these…the reports of land spam…obelisk blocking…dungeon blocking seem to go unanswered… and this game has been out for years with this issue being constant since the beginning…

So maybe either a dev will actually listen and come up with a solution to this… the devs should go read the forums and what people have posted for solutions… there are so many good ideas… or this game will just teeter off with this never being addressed…then you know going forward in future games by funcom this will probably be a constant…

I just wish they would actually respond with something creative or acknowledge that they are looking into this issue… instead of being silent and just letting it happen… I think thats what alot of people would want… sometimes its nice to know the devs are listening… cant they just comment and say hey we know whats going on… we are trying to find a solution to this without hindering peoples ability to build freely


Can’t you just go attack every 10th piece on those long stretches so that they suddenly only have 30 hours max on decay?

So “you’ve played long enough get out it’s our turn now” huh? Sorry, but no. It doesn’t work like that and would only lead to chaos. And be honest, does such a statement really sound “fair” to you in this context?

The reason CE has such a robust building system is so that you can make these grand builds with castles and fortresses and palaces and whatnot. In fact that’s one of the biggest selling points. Just because a few people abuse it for trolling purposes doesn’t mean the only solution is amputation. And that’s exactly what you’re proposing with a cap on building pieces.

5k, the example you gave, sure sounds like a lot doesn’t it. It’s really not as much as you think and won’t solve the problem. Sure, you can make a decent mediumish base with that. The problem is you can also still claim a MASSIVE amount of land with that. You can still wall off obelisks and dungeons. You can still block key resource spawns and generally be a pain in the ass for everyone else on the server. A hundred feet of string can probably reach from one end of your house to the other and back again, but ball it up and it fits in the palm of your hand.

So in order for a cap to do anything, you’d have to reduce it to the point that people are stuck building small houses and camps rather than actual bases and forts. It’s just all around not a good solution.

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I imagine that if it were that easy, it would have been common practice by now. And besides, that still means you’d have to wait thirty hours for the decay to kick in. Then there’s the cost involved in breaking even just one section of that long stretch v.s. the cost of repairing it. To say nothing of how troublesome the process would be on servers that aren’t 24/7 PvP.

But it would force them to come out of their fortresses to deal with repairing it. Which means they are coming on a much more equal setting.

Those of us who are having issues with the griefing know that it doesnt work that way :stuck_out_tongue: lol as I stated they will not do anything for those of us who have patiently waited to actually play the game without griefing…

So no dont worry you guys will still be able to grief the land claim spam and block obelisks and dungeons… I know they will not fix it :slight_smile: as I stated

And yes it seems very fair… I want a fair way in which land claim works that offers the freedom to build in a designated area… you want the freedom to build anywhere anything no matter who it effects no matter how much of it… no matter if its blocking obelisks… thats the difference… what I want is fair… what your wanting to stay the same is unfair to alot of people… but it doesnt effect you so you dont really care :slight_smile: thats the difference… only you dont have to worry cause they dont plan on fixing it

The 5k thing was an example again if you read what I posted… I am talking about a set number of building pieces… again an example… it could be 10k it could be 30k but set a cap on it so people cant block the land off… again read my post… you can block

The truth is there is no limit on building pieces now… so yes a 5k cap would be beneficial or whatever cap… its better then no cap and having freedom to build any amount you want of land claim on the island… your solution is dont do nothing to it cause nothing will work…

So far thats exactly whats been happening nothing is being done and the land claim and blocking is rampant on all officials…

And no alot of the solutions suggested by others are not reducing to a shack… the extreme builders who like to claim everything might consider an actual normal base a shack… because they cant claim the whole island…

Point is something needs to be done… but it probably wont happen… so yes for now everyone who loves the freedom to build and grief in the game… you still get to do that :slight_smile: and probably will to the end of the game… so dont worry about that :slight_smile:

Uh, no. Take for example if the limit was 100 building pieces. You might think you can make a nice building out of that. I mean, a hundred building pieces sure sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

That is until you lay down your foundation and realize that’s all you’ve got. A flat 10x10 square floor with no walls or ceiling. And that’s assuming you didn’t have to add a piece here or there to adjust for terrain. Then realize you need another 40 pieces just to make a single story wall, and another 100 for the ceiling. We haven’t even factored in support structure yet and you’re already at more than double the limit for what amounts to a single story storage shed.

The gate piece is four sections tall. Just getting our shed up to a matching height would require 148 wall pieces, if we leave out the pieces that the gate frame takes up. That’s 100 foundation pieces, 100 ceiling pieces, 148 wall sections and two for the gate frame and door. That’s 350 pieces plus pillars for support just to get an ugly, hollow minecraft box that’s just big enough you could fit an altar and some crafting stations in it, and I’m not sure about the altar because you might have to remove some ceiling pieces for it.

The number of pieces required goes up quite dramatically after that the bigger or more elaborate you get with it.

The point is we’re already at more than triple the original limit and we haven’t even really built anything yet. Hell, we don’t even have a friken staircase for the front door. On top of that, how much of the Shattered Springs do you think I could mess with using just 350 foundation blocks? After all, with only the original 100 blocks I could easily triple the land claim footprint of my minecraft shed just by not worrying about having a solid floor. Imagine what I could do with 350 of them. Or a thousand. Or five thousand.

This is why building piece caps to combat griefers are misleading and ultimately pointless. There just flat out isn’t a reasonable number balance that can be struck between building freedom and anti-griefing.

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You can enable offline protection of small bases, and too large to give the opportunity to destroy at any time


So to break this down for you in a few ways…

100 doesnt sound like alot of building pieces at all… but lets take a for instance

1- Right now… there is no cap on building… so we are talking 10’s of thousands of building pieces littering most of the official servers cause there is no limit and this can be one clan this can be two clans… it can be a solo… point is there is no limit so they can build whenever and wherever to block without an issue

2- A building cap of say 30k (As an example) would still be beneficial with combatting griefing cause they have a limit… if they want to block an obelisk and dungeon can they do it? sure they can… but with a limit they are forced to pick and chose what they use it on… now lets go even more… say we cap it at 60k that is still a cap that would benefit the server… cause right now I am sure there is way more then 60k worth of spam over the entire map from some people…These are example numbers

3- How about we eliminate the need for restricting building pieces and we use a suggestion from someone else… it was mentioned about building flags or land claim markers that were a set number of foundations wide… and you could build upward with no limit and in that designated area with no limit… each person in the clan could lay there marker down to make the base bigger… or allow them to make a base somewhere else… but it would be within that restriction… or they could click the flag and combine there marker to make the radius bigger… of course being not able to enter obelisk and important areas as it is now… and sure it can be exploited but… you are still restricted to your flags radius

4- Server wipes were another great idea… and I am not talking about these ancient blitz servers … I am talking about a wipe once a year on official servers…wipe the building spam but keep character level… or dont and get rid of character level as well… but once a year seems fair since this game has been out for how long

The problem here is… if you dont have a problem with griefers… your not gonna care… There are no restrictions now… and I think again what most people want is some acknowledgement that they are gonna try and fix the issue…People who want to argue about building restrictions just dont care… people who want to argue that server wipes are an awful idea… then you just dont care…

The people that are tired of the griefing want at least an acknowledgement… but again… the devs dont seem to care to much about it… we sit here in this forum talking about it and they never respond… they dont seem to have a care about it… and this has been for years… lol so I dont expect much

There are “builders” who aren’t griefers on PvP servers?
Restrictions that are put on a PvP server need not but inflicted on PvE servers. Besides, much like the current thrall limit, it could be an admin toggle.

As far as throwing the game into chaos…
The current status quo on official servers is toxic. It’s foundation spam and undermeshing as far as the eye see (or not see, in the case of undermeshing).
A foundation piece limit of 100 + 25/clan member isn’t going to prevent construction defensible fortification, but it will seriously impair the ability to land claim far and wide without compromising base size.

I want to clarify this is not total build pieces.
Only a suggested limit to foundation pieces.

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Players would just build uneven ground to prevent trebuchet placement.

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It is possible to make special bombs to destroy a large foundation grid, you can also make a stronger t5 foundation and give it to those who have a small building