Sieging methods and power

With the changes to the crafting time of a trebuchet making it take a longer setting up time and ammo requirement how does everyone feel it stacks up to the portability and power of bombs as well as arrows used for sieging ?

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Trebs are 90% more effective doing the meta raid of offlining. If the other clan is on way too easy to destroy with explosive arrows from afar.

Agreed. They were supposed to have had a HP boost, but they still get destroyed very very easy.

my main issue is the time it takes to craft, plus the huge cost for bolders for the very low hp. If they would have just left the craft time alone, then trebs could be a live war option. This is also with the hope that DbD gets fixed and implemented. As for now offline makes it hard to judge anything because of no way to defend against it.

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@biggcane55 , If you remember, this change to the trebuchet came with the change that bubbles do not effect trebuchet damage, they did it this way for balancing the situation. The balance was necessary since old big clans had bubbles to their builds so it was impossible for a new clan to raid them. We both agree that by balancing some things, fun, in some ways ruined, yet this is what balance is doing to everything, isn’t it?


I know when the change came. But they balances as if live raiding was thing. Hence the time to craft extended. All it did was push more to offline raid, where no resistance is the way to go.


@biggcane55 , Exactly the reason I stopped participating in official servers. Sometimes life comes difficult and you just don’t have time to play, you knew that your chances to spawn in desert the next day was 95%. This was no pvp. On the other hand I find a lot of admin abuse in private servers, or players that didn’t care about the rules, all they wanted was to farm some brimstone and bomb for fun, even if by breaking the rules admin should ban them. Unfortunately, in some cases pvp in this game was jungle, yet if it wasn’t pvp, my pve knowledge would be very poor, insane isn’t it?

Yeah, pvp (raid) biggest problem is it is not goal driven. Farming is still fastest way to get what you want. Raids are literally done just for fun. Especially since offlining is so easy. The one thing raiding could push is some good Ole fashion 1 v1 or clan v clan melee, but again why when I can wait you out and just offline your base. Or if I attack 1 day, and win the melee fights, you will wait until I can’t log in, and offline me. Offlining is the main killer of raiding. If Dynamic building damage gets fixed, make all pvp servers 24/7 raid…this would create conflict and actually make the pvp “alive” and make farming more than grind rng runs.

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I agree . My only issue is with the if only one member of the clan is on the whole base or any base that the whole clan owns is up to attack and there is no limit on the attackers numbers. One player is going to be hard pressed even in a base against a full clan or even a half number one and there also the chance that more than one clan could hit at the same time. With the power of explosive jars and with the damage still on window for even after the player(s) log off their base is gone anyway.

That is a draw back for a large clan. But that is also a price for building big and all over the place. PvP raid should not be easy to maintain large area controls.

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