Trebuchet balance

Please balance raiding in this game trebuchets costs way too low in return of dealing way too much damage make some tiers of ammo that costs higher tier resources or something cause right now it doesn t matter what tier is your base made out of you can still be offline raided for 200 iron and some stone

Go raid them back. Raids are life in PVP or they should be at least, without the purge working on most servers it is the only thing happening to make you build bases more defensively. Don’t hate the machine and ask for nerfs, find a solution and play the game. Or go to PVE-conflict to get some sparring and not worry about players raiding your build.

I don t mind beeing raided cause its the point of these survival games i v been playing rust for quite a while and in there you have to farm alot of resources to be able to raid someone in here raid is way too cheap i lost nothing since i put everything in my vault however i got annoyed by the thing that i need to farm yet again to rebuild my base and gather some thralls that will take some time i just want for the raiders to spend way more resources to destroy my stuff

I’m glad you protected your stuff in a vault. Build better raid protection now to deter them damaging stuff, just a new step in progression.