Here is what we need to survive

I find it nil, that on official server we are forced to come to that to survive properly. Do you improve the raid system on the game?


Can you be more specific? What exactly is the problem you’re referring to?

He is referring to over building to have a chance of any building or resources surviving the night.

Is overbuilding the problem or the solution to the problem? I’m not trying to be a smartass here, I want to understand the actual problem, and I’d be pleased if someone could explain it in more than one sentence. You guys know what’s going on so maybe to you this is self-explanatory, but I don’t play on officials so I don’t know what people are trying to achieve by turning the Exiled Lands into Cybertron.

he is saying that treb is broken you wont understand if you don’t play on pvp or if you are playing house on pvp server.

I’m a reasonably intelligent person who is able to comprehend written text if it’s detailed enough. I’m sure it’s possible to describe this issue in writing in such a way that even someone who hasn’t personally experienced the situation can grasp what’s going on.

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they have to foundation spam the entire area to prevent raiders on building treb towers next to the base to survive.
by foundation spamming it cause lag during pvp that’s one of the problem.

So is the trebuchet too powerful or something? What I’ve heard on these forums, people have been asking for more siege weapons. I believe it’s the point of siege weapons to break walls, and traditionally the defense against this has been to build more and stronger walls (or sortie out fo your castle to kill the siege crews). What I see here is a natural escalation of siege warfare.

People who build bases complain that their bases get blown up too easily. People who raid bases complain that it’s too difficult to break open bases. It’s an endless cycle of balancing.

Treb are strong and the only way to protect yourself from it is god bubble and foundation spam the area to block them from building because when you are offline and they started raiding your base no one will defend this is why you foundation spam the area to delay them until you get online as you can see his base is build from a high area and those foundation spam will also cause the raiders explosive to clear the foundation where they want to build the treb

I see. So it’s a defensive strategy against PVP when the whole clan is offline. Sounds… creative. I feel that I understand what’s going on now. But, as I said, I don’t play on official, so I don’t pretend to know better than you guys whether this is an actual problem, and if so, which direction it should be fixed.

Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated.

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Offline or not, one day you’ll be out raiding them and meanwhile they figured out how to creep up with a treb. Been there. I build round towers sometimes so I can make landclaim like spokes on a wheel. Keeps it interesting.

What needs to be given careful consideration is the number of experienced players who call for a claim flag or other such mechanism. Once ironed out, this flag would make a big difference on PvP servers, especially as the DBs grow older.

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