The trebuchet stronger than a god

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: UE

A few days ago the building of a clan was totally destroyed by a trebuchet. Normal would you tell me. Yes on one side but no because it happened outside of the raid hours. In short, the trebuchet does damage to buildings all day and not between 5 pm and 11 pm.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.put a trebuchet
2.use it between 11:01 pm and 4:59 pm
3.enjoy the destruction !!!
4.cry, dead the server and the game.

I forgave you before because you were in early access. Outside now it is no longer the case and forgiveness is not valid. Because between the trebuchets that do damage outside raid hours + speed glitch + bases built under the map, it’s a bit too much.


yeah it is hella op, the ammo should at least have tiers, sand stone ammo does damage to sandstone, hardened brick ammo does damage to hardened brick/black ice, i got raided by a clan with 1 trebuchet that went through 2 black ice foundations in 10mins and there is no counter for it

“There is no counter for it”
How about shooting their trebuchet with your trebuchet. Or shoot at them before they even finish building it. Another quite ridiculous counter to trebuchets are… vaults on your rooftop. Vaults seem to take only ONE(1) damage from trebuchet boulders, while having 600000 health no less.

Trebuchets are also incredibly fragile, like, INCREDIBLY. Less health than a sandstone wall. Rush their trebuchet while naked with one Explosive vase and its gone. Throw some orbs on it and see it burn down in seconds.

As it is right now, trebuchets are quite literally the only viable option to raid some bases, what with orbs having an extremely limited throwing range. But at the same time they are easy to defend against.

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none of those options really apply when more then 2 people raid you and your playing solo, except for the vault of course

So, you believe that a solo should kill twice as many? Please tell me why?

PS bring your friends to Conon

if you are the one i think.

we play on a server, where player don’t know how to read server setting (sever time location - and server raid windows).
They think they were safe, but miss read the setting, server was GMT-1 and raid was not over, so we killed them.

The same thing for my clan (Aphex). On the official server 1104 we disconnected after 23:00 (End time of destruction on buildings). And the next morning we found our base destroyed by trebuchet.
We have enough with bug/exploits. This game becomes a PVBuilding and not a PVPlayers …

You can’t 1vX them, than you’ll loose in case of usage of any raid tactics. And it’s bad idea for you basically to play on PvP server at least in solo.

Trebuchet is pretty weak in comparison to Yog or Set and does not ruin even T1 from one shot, there’s hell a lot of shots required to destroy T2 or T3, more than enough for anyone to react.

A single person can shoot a trebuchet as fast as as many other people, it’s just a matter of preparation.
My base has 2 trebuchets on it with 100 boulders in both of them.
It’s not a matter of numbers. I’ve defended my base against 4 people before, by myself. Defending in conan puts you in a ridiculously advantageous position, literally all you have to do is be online at the time of the raid. Trebuchets are incredibly inaccurate at longer ranges and breaking just ONE wall is going to take at least 25 shots. Thats a couple minutes for you to react. Go suicide bomb their trebuchet base.

“But they will kill me” No they will not. In conan, right now, if you don’t want to die in pvp, you’re not going to die. The attack animations of all weapons stop you dead in your track that its almost impossible to hit a moving person. EITHER WAY.

Defending is incredibly easy and if you get raided while you’re online you’re bad and you should feel bad.