Larger Trebuchet, how high up is that base even?!

Hello Everyone,

I am really tired of people building there base so high up that normal trebuchet can reach them. I would like to suggest a larger trebuchet that can shoot really high. It would also be nice if you would it like the current trebuchet but maybe it could survive one or two explosives if at full health.

I don’t mind that people build on mountains and in in destructible pre build structures like ruins but i think that bases that are high up on mountain tops are a little less hard to raid. You will still have to defend the trebuchet and build it.

The trebuchet is a really fun concept and give you a objective to defend as a raiding party. It would be so awesome to get more raids like that :slight_smile:

This is also a better solution then to take away the ability to build high up. This would work really on most game modes to.

It might also be an idea to make the trebuchet implacable even if the enemy has structures close to where you want to place it. Maybe make the distance to enemy foundation only one foundation away.

What do people think about this idea?

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