Trebuchet question

Another day i saw a trebuchet on the top of nemedian castle, is it still possible to build a trebuchet on foundations on the top of tower? I rush back to base an tried by my self but no sucess, placed the base on the top of a tower and could not attach the treb to is, message says, "needs to be attached to the proper building. am I missing something, or it is no possible due to some update in past? When i was able to build it in the past it lasted for only one hour. I really would enjoy to have a treb on base : ( Thanks in advance friends.

You need to raise the base all the way then place it. It’s a bug in the game


You can make a treb anywhere you can build. I had a treb on top of 40 pillars to shoot across map to hit a base. Lol

Did it as you told and success! Thank you!


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