Raiding a base on top of a black structure

I was wondering if anyone had experience with raiding bases built on top of the really high black structures you can climb, its full of spikes on the walls so we cant climb it and its too high for a god to reach, any tips?

start a distance back but begin by building a giant ramp up, aside from building up you will have a slim chance, unless you can sneak in when someone uses an elevator from the top, would make for an awkward ride up though.

Yeah thats what I thought, we managed to get halfway up but they broke down the elevator lol

And when you get close can you still build the ramp or will their structures prevent you?

Ah shiz that is a good point yea eventually you will reach the territory point unless somehow you can build above them but not too high that you take too much fall damage from dropping down. Tricky devils probably have all kind of resources up there for you. XD that or just go high enough but a distance away you can grab onto the wall of something on the top too while falling, that will break all fall damage when you grab on. just dont miss and die up there, they dont need your things handed to them now do they!

You can climb with 0 stamina cost with the correct gear.

Advanced flexibility kit on climbing gloves, climbing boots, any light chest and any light leg armor. You don’t need it on a light helm but you do on a medium.

Enjoy scaling any height with ease.

This works with or without the Iron Grip perk.

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problem was the cheeky barsterds used spikes to put along the bridges leg on the way up so just climbing form the bottom will be rough since once you get touched by the palisades you will drop

Also cool tip man im making use of that XD

Yeah I don’t know what to do about the spikes, I play single player. Just pointing out how you can climb any height, in case it could help you somehow.

a trebuchet can break spikes, and possibly hit the base.

also sometimes studying the build may lead to an unexpected entryway

Can trebuchets be placed on building pieces? I’d say build a large tower and put a treb on top, arc the shots into the base

I saw some reports about them disappearing off of ceiling tiles after a server restart though.

My group has smashed several bases like that just find a area roughly 2x2 or even single foundation works but 2x2 is best as close to base as possible. Then build up till your even or higher that the base. Build platform on top of tower and place treb then go to town lobbing whatever you use till you break in.

If I knew where you were talking about and could see base I could tell you how to get in. That’s what we do go server to server hitting those that bully other players.

Use trebuchet lol, build a tower straight up , place ceilings and then trebuchet and shoot at the base with boulders to pin point where to hit. then make barrage bombs in it and bomb it

I think you replied to the wrong person, but yeah, that sounds like a good idea. :wink:

If you want I can send you screenshots of the base, are you on ps4 or pc?

I’m on xbox but I’m sure same mecanic

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