Gate issues, they climb my gate and can stand on the top. wut!

Hello Everyone,

Gates are a big issue when you try to build a secure base. They are easy to climb and you can even stand on the top side of them. Further more you can not place spikes on it and they are already a big hp weakness on your base.

I feel like this should be improved somehow. I would suggest making it so they can not be climb on the gate frame, door and drawbridge and give them more hp. I don’t like that i have to build 15 gates to have time to respond to a raid.

What do people think about this?

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See response to your wall post.

Perhaps an image to show what you are talking about?

@FightzGamer is talking about the lip around the door frame of the gate. the door itself does not cause it. The best way to counter is to go 2 walls higher then line with anti climb. Resourceful people will still find a way, but at least then they had to use their brains. and you can place ceilings between to door frames, and place spike their for a spike trap of sorts if they get over and fall between the two. Again, take at least 2 walls above to be more defense oriented.


Yes, exactly. Thanks for helping with this.

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