Base walls useless? How to prevent raids?

Hello. What the point to build base in some cool, mountain position with walls if anyone can climb up? :stuck_out_tongue: Or how to build a stairs from base to UP if someone can climb UP and get in throug this stairs from up? There is something to prevent this?

Make a door to prevent people from going through? Spikes till you hit tier 3 then use spiked fences.

Spikes. Siege Cauldrons. Archers on the walls.

As above. Enclose what you want to keep people out of. The pointy fences cause damage and make people fall i think :slight_smile:

This basically… the item you want to stop people climbing or atleast clim some and the fall is crenulated walls. Its unlocked at level 35

Nothing except the use of glitches and bugs will prevent people from raiding your base. The only thing you can do is inconvience people enough and hope that they are not persistent enough, but to be fair, once they have started they might as well finish.

“A wall is only as strong as the men who defend it.”


yeah, play on a pve server, offline raiding is BS.

I’ve seen some pretty informative vids on youtube making hard to breech walls. Nothing in this game is indestructible, but you can make it as hard as you can

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