Need help with an intruder

I’ve got a regular visitor in my house, and I can’t figure out how he’s getting in. I’ve built on top of the map structure above Lian’s Camp, just south of the aqueduct. The entire structure is covered except for a lower corner that is building blocked by Lian’s Camp. My foundations overhang the entire structure, and I’ve got one ring of black ice fences attached to the foundations around the whole thing.

At the top are reinforced brick crenelations placed around the entire structure. I’ve got two towers, but the wall extends out from them to prevent any possibility of someone crawling above and dropping down.

Three times now I’ve found a specific player in my base, and it’s really ■■■■■■■ me off. Stupid me thought I was safe from climbers and left my wheel in the courtyard, so I’m down 2 named blacksmiths and 2 named taskmasters from his first climb. I’ve tried climbing all over it myself to look for holes or spaces I missed, and I can’t find it. Instead I added a ceiling and destroyed the beauty of my open courtyard.

So, question to satisfy because it’s irritating that I can’t figure I out. Is there some glitch or exploit with fences, crenelations, or the gate that would let him climb in? Or, since the entire structure is covered by my foundations and he’s come in naked 2 out of 3 times, is there some way he could have a bedroll placed in spite of my land claim?

On a separate note, I’d love to see thralls ignore PvP timers within your land claim. IE if someone is in my land they get attacked no matter what time it is.

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Wouldn’t this mean that your thralls could also be killed, no matter what time it is?

As to your burglar dilemma: is it possible that the intruder has found a spot where double-jumping (Agility 50) could get him across a no-climb fence?

I tried that in all the places I found where it might be possible, but couldn’t come close to getting it. In most places I have my fence belt one foundation lower than the top, so it would have to be a godlike 2 foundation high jump. Around the gatehouse the only option would be to jump out, then double jump back in. To prevent that I stacked fences up the whole wall in that section so there was nowhere to stand without hitting the bit on top. I’ll try that some more tonight.

Might be you’re close to the aqueduct and they climb it and double jump from there?.

Also remember that trees and statues are climbable and therefore jump-from-able. Extend wall up three levels and crenelations all the way. Try to keep all overall wall-heights the same so no side-climbing. And, obviously, a snapshot of the base from a distance would likely help.

Or he could drop down from somewhere isn’t there a perk that gives you only 50% falling damage or something like that? I’ve seen videos where players jump from cliffs and only take half damage with that perk lol not sure if funcom change they perk since I don’t use it

There’s an Agility perk that lowers fall’s damages but I don’t think it’s 50%. With this perk and 3rd vitality perk I jumped from the Mountaineer’s cliff and died all the same. With this nice sound crunching bones…

With the perk, the incoming damage is halved. But the leftover-damage may still kill you.

You can stand on fencing. Make sure u base is set to where u cant. Otherwise u can use double jump and the anti climb just becomes a ladder up ur base

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