Attack when I am offline

Last night I was visited. Very strange, I have a tall building, opened from the top. Let’s presume the player entered from the opened top. Stole some items from a room, full of fighting thralls. The only question, how could he/she do that? No damage on my building, so I am sure the player managed somehow. Any idea?

Without knowing the exact layout of the room and the locations of all the items and guards, I can only hazard a guess that he cheezed the AI by standing on something or clinging to a wall where they couldn’t get to him, but was still just close enough to access your stash.

Furthermore, one of my thrall is missing, and the event log does not mark.

All right, met the burglar. He said that the thralls didn’t attack him, because he came after raid time. Is it true? Thralls dont attack enemy players after/before raid time?

Correct, thralls only assist players during raid times.

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